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Our 101st Entry… and cool stuff I saw

This marks our 101st blog entry on the Cisco Data Center Blog. Starting back about a year or so ago with my first inaugural real post called The Fallacy of Wire Rate Switching (still one of my faves) to today when I just wanted to mention some neat companies and technologies I have seen recently: Read More »

Leaving Cisco After 15 Great Years

Post by Jayshree Ullal, SVP, Data Center, Switching & Services Five years ago, Cisco committed to the Data Center in a strong fashion with our entry into Storage networking and MDS products. Today our Data Center engineering and management team is broader and deeper than ever as we have established a significant footprint across our portfolio growing to be the #1 or #2 company in each data center segment. Together our teams have generated 1500 patents and developed a transformational strategy with Data Center 3.0 across the past three years. We have pioneered new products such as VFrame, Nexus 5000/7000, a new class of NX-OS software, Catalyst 49XX & Catalyst 6500 VSS, ACE and WAAS; enabled new forms of virtualization and datacenter security, forged key industry partnerships and completed several acquisitions. Just last week, our innovations were awarded best of show at Interop for Nexus 7000 and WAAS. We also surpassed a cumulative of one million 10 gigabit ethernet ports across switches and routers, a key milestone of 10GE adoption in the Data Center. I came to Cisco through our first acquisition, Crescendo Communications, in 1993. At the time, Cisco was less than $1B in revenue, around 1000 employees and mainly a router company. Today we are a nearly $40B networking company with formidable presence in the Enterprise Campus, Datacenters, Branch, Service Provider, Commercial and Consumer markets. With mixed feelings and much introspection I have come to my decision to leave Cisco after 15 great and memorable years. My loyalty and affection to Cisco, CEO John Chambers and my teams made this a very difficult and lengthy decision process.However, I am confident that I am passing the baton to some of the best engineering talent and general managers in the industry who will continue this journey we have begun. And I expect that Cisco will continue to innovate, capture growth opportunities and market share to meet our customers’ needs for Cisco’s Data Center 3.0 vision. It has been my privilege to lead this team and I have full faith in our future driving Cisco’s vision for transforming the data center. As for the inevitable question of what I plan to do next, I hope to re-kindle passions for my”next new gig” this summer and make an informed decision later this year.

Start Believing the Hype

I continue to read posts from those who doubt that FCoE can succeed. That it is a major conspiracy amongst Fibre Channel vendors to keep Fibre Channel alive because iSCSI is eating into their market or as a way to churn the base by forcing customers to upgrade to shiny new gear.Then there are the Fibre Channel proponents who believe no other network technology can come close to delivering the quality or perfomance that it can deliver and it is best to keep two separate networks indefinitely.The reality is probably somewhere in between. Read More »

Power, Pickups and Polar Bears

May 5, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

Dave Ohara recently posted on his Green Data Center Blog about the efforts of network vendors to help the greening of the data center. I am still not sure we are having the right conversation around this topic, but at least we are having the conversation. Read More »

Oy vei the chutzpah!

Just read this interesting write-up on feedback from Interop. Using the push to 10GbE to the server as an opportunity for insertion into the market is a good play, will be interesting to see how it bears out. I have to concur with the strategy since our Nexus 5000 does essentially the same, but also offers FibreChannel stateless gateways to make FCoE a reality.dg Read More »