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Cisco Nexus 5000: The human side of technology

What a long day! At least for my team. The Unified Fabric launch and the introduction of the Cisco Nexus 5000 was a significant one for Cisco, and certainly had quite a big impact on my team. But this is not the “human” side that I wanted to talk about…One thing that has come up quite a lot in my briefings today is the human side of implementing a Unified Fabric in the Data Center, i.e. the impact that network unification would have on existing teams and ultimately on individuals. Read More »

Fibre Channel Over Ethernet: Where to Learn More?

This morning I spent some time with a collegue and friend of mine, who I deeply respect for his technical knowledge and, of course, we were discussing some of the elements of the Nexus 5000 launch that happened yesterday.He asked me a few questions, which made me realize that we will need to do a lot of work over the next couple of months to make sure that everyone, who is involved with Data Centers, has an opportunity to learn more.Hence, I decided to begin that process by sharing some hopefully useful tips with all of you. Read More »

Unified Fabric – a Myth or a Reality?

April 8, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

The topic of”a unified fabric” has recently been generating some buzz in the blogosphere, with both advocates and skeptics weighing in. I actually think the question of”Myth or Reality” has been answered. We currently have customers that use both InfiniBand and iSCSI to create a unified fabric and each technology has staunch supporters. So, I think we are past the question of “if” and on to the question of”when?”So. what are the current inhibitors for broad-based adoption of a unified fabric? Read More »

Securing Data at Rest

This week brought a couple of important announcments from HP and EMC supporting Cisco’s Storage Media Encryption (SME) technology. course there are many existing approaches to encrypting data at rest. Many tape drive vendors offer this capability and there are appliance vendors that do the same. But just like other intelligent storage services that once resided on a host, an appliance, or a target device, encryption services will likely migrate to the network. Read More »

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