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Innovation vs Commoditization, Revisited


So, a couple of weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation going with a fellow blogger Steve Duplessie about our prospects versus a certain vendor of IT gear and office supplies.  Steve’s contention was that our competition’s ability to push the “commodity envelope” would give them a strategic advantage.

At the time, I argued that pushing the commodity envelope (i.e. making things cheaper) only gets you so far. You start running up against diminishing marginal utility–at some point customers stop looking for cheaper mousetraps and start looking for better mousetraps. At some point you need to innovate as a way to create competitive or operational advantage, or you better figure out how to run your business on commodity margins.

This week, our FabricPath announcement served as a great reinforcement of that point.  Simply, new challenges require new thinking.  The challenges put forth by broad scale virtualization and federated server application environments needed a fresh approach.   In this case, FabricPath gives you new functional benefits that map quite nicely to the demands of these emerging DC environments, while still reducing both CapEx and OpEx.  Simply taking existing technology and making it cheaper doesn’t buy you anything in his case. I don’t care if you can deliver 10GbE ports for $10 a pop, they are still not going to solve these emerging challenges–in the end, there is no substitute for vision, expertise and R&D follow-through.


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Cisco’s Strategy is 7″ Wide

If you’ve ever worked on a complicated crossword puzzle you know that there is often one word or phrase that connects many rows. It’s the answer that connects the dots for so many other answers, suddenly making the whole puzzle come together.

At Cisco Live 2010 this week, John Chambers unveiled the Cisco Cius. The beautiful 7” color touch screen of the Cisco Cius will be compared to other tablet devices in the market, but to see it as just a device would be akin to listening to an orchestra and just noticing the conductor. I will offer that you should look at the Cisco Cius as the culmination of years of strategic planning and the tipping point for a new way for the world to interact with computing.

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Cisco Live 2010 -Daily Blogger Techminute Day 3

By now , you probably had a chance to check what happened at  Cisco Live Las Vegas on Wednesday – Amongst the highlights of the day,  CTO Padmasree Warrior keynotes speech (the videotaped session is available here), the Data Center 3.0 announcement , the VCE panel with Sungard and ADS CTOs.

Last night, Cisco Omar Sultan, Aneel Lakhani, Brian Gracely and VMware Ernesto Tey met for the last Daily Blogger Techminute of the show. Here is what they had to say about FabricPath, and of course hybrid cloud computing and it’s adoption by the market 

For more information about Cisco strategy and offers for the cloud  visit and

Details about the Cisco Data Center 3.0 announcement are available here  , including the WAAS enhancement 

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Cisco Live 2010 – Daily Blogger Techminute

Of course you’re aware of John Chambers big announcement today.  So let’s be focus on what  our blogger friends have to say.

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Cisco WAAS Announces Enhancements for Application Delivery Today at Cisco Live!

Today, WAAS 4.2 is a key component of our Data Center 3.0 launch. In this video Dave Frampton, VP/GM of the Application Delivery Business Unit, talks about this product release and the significance for our customers as they deal with changes in how applications are delivered with the emergence of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service.

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