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Introducing New Products

Some of our readers and other bloggers got parts of what we are announcing today right. I, of course, have to wait until the prescribed time- i.e. 1:30 Pacific Time today, before I can write too much about it other than gratuitous teasers and such, but Rich Miller over at Data Center Knowledge wrote a good piece on what we are bringing to market- including enhancements to our Nexus line of data center switching (Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000, and a rumored Nexus 1000V)The one thing I am most excited about, and may be a bit early (but I just can’t contain myself and we’ll see if my PR team jumps on me for it) is how we are expanding NX-OS across our data center portfolio. NX-OS was rooted in SAN-OS. We started from a base of SAN-OS and then built new Layer-3 code from a Procket base on top of it, making sure everything was modular, multi-threaded, endian-independent, and protected by a stateful memory protection architecture that allows processes to restart and re-sync their last known memory table state without topology reconstruction. With the 4.1 release MDS SANs and Nexus LANs come together under common operational guidelines, common software architecture, same release trains, etc. The same AAA features you depend on for LAN security and integrity of management domains take effect on the SAN side and so on. This was a four-year journey to get right. Glad to see some companies will just be starting once they finalize their acquisition work. It’s a long road to do it right, I do hope they take the chance and don’t cut too many corners… time will tell.dg

Advice on Clouds

Ok, need some help here. I picked up some new job responsibilities in the cloud space this past week and thought I would ask for some help with two things-1) Am looking for some good people with a background in cloud architectures (cloud computing and cloud-based service offerings like SaaS models and such) and a solid understanding of network architectures that have strong presentation skills and can also help write on this blog, so also need good written communication skills. (or at least be able to use spell-check and thus do a better job than I do at this)2) And this is the fun/challenging part- what should Cisco do in the cloud market? Seriously, play John Chambers for a day. What do you think Cisco’s role is and what should it be? I know Allan Leinwand who often writes for GigaOm has some thoughts, I am sure Rich Miller has a few and James Urquhart wrote some solid pieces with his perspective. Join the conversation, and tell us what we need to be building, what M&A we should pursue (if any), and what role you see the network and Cisco playing in the evolving cloud environment. Last thought, and a bit of a test of a theory- can cloud computing models be ad-supported? dg

Video Blog about our VMWorld Announcements Today

Just recorded this this morning here in Barcelona about our announcements at VMWorld in Las Vegas. dg

More from VMworld

September 16, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

imageWell, things have certainly gotten a bit more hectic since out announcements today.Understandably, most of the buzz has been around VN-Link and the Nexus 1000V. Some of you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.So, Cisco VN-link is a collection of technologies and solutions designed to deliver virtual machine aware network and storage services. essentially represents the movement into the fourth pillar of our Data Center 3.0 roadmap. With the release of VN-Link, you will see products and technologies that don’t simply support virtualization but are active participants in accelerating virtualization.One of those products is the Cisco Nexus 1000V. This newest member of the Nexus family is a pure software switch that integrates with the ESX hypervisor. Unlike other solutions, it is not an virtual appliance or the like that is external to the hypervisor, instead, through two years of combined R&D with VMware, we were able to deliver a true Cisco switch, purely in software, that is a tightly coupled extension of the hypervisor.The buzz the show is because the Nexus 1000V delivers a number of features that will accelerate the growth of server virtualization. I short, it will allow the provisioning of security and network policy at VM-level granularity. Furthermore, that policy will move with the VM if it moves as result, say, of VMotion or DRS. This greater degree of transparency improves management, troubleshooting and policy enforcement. Finally, the Nexus 1000V does all this without forcing either the server or network team to do anything different than they do today.For more info, check out this animation and go to the Nexus 1000V product page.

Only a couple of more days…

September 13, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

I am not a huge fan of going to tradeshows--in fact, I generally avoid them, but I am actually looking forward to VMworld this coming week. If half the speculation is true, I think we should see some things will really move the ball forward in terms of allowing customers to develop and execute on broader and more sophisticated virtualization strategies--not just stuff that has been”v-washed” after the fact, but things that were purpose-built for the needs of this brave new virtualized world. I know what we have up our sleeves and I am guessing we will not be the only ones spawning some headlines.If you are going to be in Las Vegas, definitely check out Paul Maritz’s keynote on Tuesday at 9:30 and then our own Ed Bugnion’s keynote at 11:00. Ed is going to be talking about the VMware and Cisco vision that is driving the next wave of development.Outside of these two sessions, Guy Brunsdon has probably got the definitive list of sessions for all you network geeks out there--you know who you are.Besides that, definitely come by the Cisco booth (#918) to say hello. For more info on demos, speaking sessions and other Cisco stuff at VMworld, check out this link.