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The Role of the Network in the Data Center

I read a few days ago and commented back on Robin Bloor’s blog about the role of the network in the data center. Robin has a very interesting opinion and we had a good dialog about how the role of the different devices in the data center are most likely to evolve. Take a read here.Additionally this article was then followed up with a rather telling piece from Information Week linked in here. Read More »

Why You’ll Want This Switch, Part 2

February 22, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

So, if bigger/faster/denser is not the reason to drop a Nexus 7000 in your network, why is a compelling reason?In my last post, I touched on NX-OS, as the foundation for many of the cool things the Cisco Nexus can do now and in the future. One of those areas is operational continuity. We have the component redundancy that’s table stakes in a next-gen platform with redundant power, fans, supervisors and fabric modules, but we wanted to raise the bar in terms of protecting the network services this platform delivers-what we call a zero service disruption architecture. We don’t just want highly available hardware; we want highly available network services, because that’s what really counts. Read More »

Can we agree on how to measure performance?

Recently there was a posting from an irrationally exuberant vendor employee about the Nexus 7000. Brad Reese from Network World commented on it a bit here. While engaging in a bit of a written riposte it occurred to me that maybe we need some clearer idea, as an industry, on how to consistently measure performance.I have heard for years of Cisco Math, Cabletron Math, etc… well, today, I would like to propose that maybe we can all find some way to agree on ‘math’. After all, even though not that mathematically inclined I heard once that math is an absolute truth. So here is my cut at ‘the rules’ for stating your bandwidth on a switch…. Read More »

An eloquent update on NX-OS

Michael Morris who is a frequent blogger on Network World’s site just wrote this analysis of the NX-OS operating system. Michael’s Article. Read More »

I just could not resist…

Saw Brad Reese dignify this posting by a product manager from another company.So had to put pen to paper, mightier than a sword it is, and take a few swings at it…. as well as invite anyone who has any questions, concerns, doubts, or just wants a good micro-brew to come by the NANOG Beer and Gear event Monday, February 18th at 5:30 -- 7:45pm to not only check out the new Nexus 7000 (arriving in person) but also, and more importantly meet some of our key engineering leadership and architects that will be there (also in person) to answer any questions you have about architecture, design, operations, and clearing up any vendor-speak. Get the info straight from the team that built it- including Dino Farinacci, Cisco Fellow and Software Engineer as well as Venu Venugopal who leads the L3 Software development on NX-OS. Read More »