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Why You’ll Want This Switch, Part 3

March 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

So, as an impressionable young”yout”, as Joe Pesci would say, in the early days of networking, I learned an important lesson. I have to admit I started out as a Wellfleet bigot ( for those of you who, sadly, have no idea what I’m talking about). At first blush, it looked to be a better box: elegant hardware architecture, checked all the boxes in terms of standards compliance, better performance (on paper at least)-¬Ěhands down, the BCN won the data sheet wars. But a curious thing happened- Read More »

Branching Out

I’m sitting here in my office at 8:30 on Thursday night when I should seriously be out having a cold adult beverage somewhere. But instead I read an article that just got to me. I don’t write much about things not totally linked to the data center, so this was a bit of a departure, but one with which I hope you find worth investing a few minutes of your time on reading. Network World has this habit of dignifying things that employees of a company up north happen to write a bit. The latest ill-conceived spawn from their fingertips is of course linked right here as always.dg Read More »

Virtual Devices by Michael Morris

Just a quick link to our reader to check out Michael Morris’s write-up on Virtual Device Contexts. Michael, nice blog, detailed, and very well thought out. Michael’s blog.I wanted to point out that this is another example of ‘organic innovation’ brought forth by Cisco Engineers and Product Managers working intimately with our cutting edge customers. The genesis of this idea by the way came from a variety of sources, but one was Mike van Norman from UCLA’s networking group who wanted to share a large switch with four departments and optimize his infrastructure without proliferating a lot of smaller devices. Mike, wanted you to know we never forgot, and we delivered. Even though that lunch was in a deli in LA in 2003/2004 I think. Read More »

Death Star Network Design Contest

I was trolling through some stuff last night and came across this new building being proposed as a convention center in the United Arab Emirates. It’s an interesting piece from a design perspective, and in this case I would say function is clearly following form. Let’s call this for now the Death Star Convention Center. Read More »

Don’t take my Kodachrome Away…

I have to hand it to Brad Reese for being able to drive a discussion :) Ok, or maybe to fan the flames of a mild-mannered campfire into that of a forest-sweeping conflagration. But either way it is just downright funny to me the comments people are making on Network World.I guess being called a ‘Schmuck’ isn’t so bad, even though it means I am probably off of our northern neighbor’s holiday card list for eternity. Read More »