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UCS Manager: The “Tweak”

Greetings. I’m a new face on this blog, so let me briefly introduce myself. I’m Lisa Caywood, a Ciscoite of six years, and marketing manager for UCS management. Notice I didn’t say UCS Manager—I’ll explain why in a minute.

My side passions include history and anthropology, and in a circuitous way, that’s how I wound up in tech. I’m fascinated by the interchange of technology and culture, how one seemingly minor modification, or tweak, on an age-old tool or task can spur six more innovations that lead the world in completely unforeseen directions.  (I was a big fan of the BBC show “Connections” in the late 70’s.)

So about UCS Manager, the logical model of our unified, “wire-once” UCS architecture: to me, it’s that initial, all-important “tweak”. It takes the various management tasks that sys admins do every day, abstracts them, and integrates tasks associated with various IT disciplines within a unified view to provide a familiar, but far more fluid approach to managing your computing platform.

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Virtual WAAS: Enabling Application Migration to the Cloud

A growing trend in networking is the migration of applications to the cloud as organizations look to take advantage of deployment flexibility and lower management costs. This was the theme at VMWorld in San Francisco recently, where Cisco had major presence, and presented on our capabilities in the network that enable virtualization. Virtual Machine (VM) technology is the foundation for cloud migration, but for a complete solution that overcomes challenges with security, availability and performance, network services need to be incorporated into the virtualized architecture.

To meet the requirement for providing network services in the cloud Cisco has announced Unified Network Services (UNS) as a component of the Data Center Business Advantage architecture. UNS provides flexibility and choice in the adoption of network and compute services in both physical and virtual formats, unified by operation simplicity. The UNS architecture delivers a utility-based consumption model for network services that is promised by the cloud computing model. There are a number of technologies within this architecture including security, server load balancing and WAN optimization.  

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Cisco Data Center Business Advantage


So, this blog post, introducing Data Center Business Advantage, is meaningful to me for a couple of reasons.  First of all, my blogging career started with a post introducing Data Center 3.0, so its kinda cool to be introducing its successor.  Second, it is kinda cool to see how much have accomplished in three years and how our vision and strategy has matured and evolved.

So, why change?  Well, in short, we have accomplished most of what we set out to do with our original Data Center 3.0 strategy.  Customers understand the benefits of virtualized data center and most, if not all,  have consolidation, virtualization and automation an major elements of their strategic plans.  Unified fabric and unified computing are firmly ensconced as part of the data center vocabulary.  Finally, we see adoption ramping for both private cloud solutions such as Vblocks and SMT as well as public cloud solutions from a whole host of cloud providers.

So, what is Data Center Business Advantage? 


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Cisco and Oracle : Innovations, Performance, and Business Results

Cisco and Oracle are working together to optimize business solutions for enterprise, service provider and mid-market customers. Cisco Unified Computing System with Oracle technologies, including Oracle Databases, Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Fusion Middleware, and business applications, help global customers transform business and improve performance in the data center.

This year again, Cisco will participate to the Oracle Open World conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco September 19-23 

To know more about our activities at Oracle Open World 2010 , please visit our event site here  

In addition of visiting our booth (#711) , here some suggestions in terms of speaking sessions you may want to attend  

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Your Cloud Computing Adoption Strategy – What Should You Consider?

When formulating your Cloud Computing strategy, as I’ve learned though my work on Cisco Cloud Enablement Services, there are a wide range of topics you should examine before finalising of your approach.   This range of considerations will – clearly – be specific to your environment, your opportunities and constraints.  In this blog post, I’ll outline these key strategic considerations to help you as you investigate if, how and where cloud could help you [no bias here, no technology religion either!].

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