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Managing Risk in the Cloud

Before we dig into this, let me say up front, I am looking for a little reader participation on this one.  I know what the clouderati think about this topic, but I really want to hear from regular folks–the ones that will be writing checks and putting the reputations is not their jobs on the line.


Over the weekend, I got a chance to catch up on my reading and ran across a couple of articles on online backup services, one in Macworld, and one in Time magazine, the latter is about as mainstream as you can get.  Both articles were well done and covered things like pricing, ease of use, but both missed what I think is the most salient point.

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The Journey to the Virtualized Data Center : Microsoft and Cisco Collaboration

The Data Center of the Future initiative led by Cisco was pleased several months ago to welcome Microsoft as a new partner- Already very active with some solutions such as Windows Server  on WAAS , the relationship between Cisco and Microsoft has reached another level of collaboration with the introduction of the Cisco unified computing systems.

As an introduction to her speaking session at the virtual event “Journey to the Virtualized Data Center” on December 16th at 9:00 am PT,  I asked karen Chan to tell us what the audience can  expect from attending her webcast “Cisco data Center for Microsoft applications” – Karen is a Cisco  engineer working full time with Microsoft to make sure that Hyper-V and the Microsoft applications are running perfectly on the UCS platforms. She is definitely one of  these engineers you want to have on board to deploy effectively your  Microsoft applications , such as Sharepoint and Exchange . So here is another great opportunity to ask directly your question through the live chat during this pre-recorded session. (Register here)

Cisco and Microsoft are building next-generation data center solutions that can help customers achieve optimum value from their IT assets in a unified computing architecture.



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The Journey to the Virtualized Data Center : Dynamic Data Center Solution

The :”Journey to the virtualized data Center”  virtual event is now 4 days away, starting on December 15th – You still can register here

 I like the energy of a “real event”. Going out of my office, meeting people, be part of a crowd.  But at this time of the year, when it’s freezing or pouring outside, when I have already to run to make sure that my projects are on track, when at the same time I can’t avoid the frantic search of the appropriate gifts , I must admit that the comfort of my office or my home to listen to in-depth presentations from 11 critical partners is a pretty compelling offer.

All what I have to do is to book several hours in my calendar on Tuesday and Wednesday , and voila!
But here is the dilemma . There is no way for me to stay 5 hours in a row in front of my computer, listening to presentations . So it’s clear that I have to choose .

So today, I met Kingman Tang from NetApp and invited him to explain to me (and you) what will be his speaking session about on December 15th at 10:00 am PT- By the way I learned that his session is already recorded, so that Kingman can really focused on the questions you will ask through the chat- And this guy  knows what he is talking about ! So it will be the perfect opportunity to come with your specific questions, and be highly productive. Not bad for an hour on the couch !


NetApp and Cisco are teaming up to provide customers with unified, dynamic data center solutions that are based on Cisco’s Unified Computing System and NetApp® Unified Storage Architecture. Cisco and NetApp are working together to certify the combined solution, and the companies will also collaborate on customer support and marketing activities.


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Journey to the Virtualized Data Center: How to deal with ever increasing data volumes ?


We all know that one of the biggest challenges of the virtualized data centers, is to find the best way to deal with the  ever increasing data volumes.
Fortunately, on December 16th , during the virtual tradeshow events, “The Journey to the Virtualized Data Center ” , a team of EMC experts will explain how to address this challenge. 
 Daniel Budiansky, Principal Systems Engineer, Backup & Recovery Systems Division at EMC,  was kind enough to give me  some insights on this special session, that he will lead with Steve Flynn and Jeff Barnard (see biographies below)

Daniel has more than 12 years of experience in the It industry, and has implemented Data Domain systems into a broad scope of custmer environments. He also serves as the co-chair for the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)  Data Management Forum’s Data Deduplication and Space Reduction Special Interest Group (SIG)

Daniel is very passionate and eager to share with the audience what he learned over the past years.  With the addition of Steve, and Jeff , you will find a level of expertise in this session ( “Back up with EMC Data Deduplication” on December 16th at 10:00 am PT (register here)), that you really don’t want to miss.

How can you fight data growth that is putting your backup and recovery under stress and crushing traditional backup approaches?

Daniel : Thankfully there is an answer and Steve (Flynn)  and I we’ll share the details with you in the EMC’s backup with deduplication webcast on December 16th .  If you’ve been following this space, you know that deduplication is not hype. Deduplication can help you reduce costs, manage risks, improve service levels , and even help accelerate your journey to the  deployment of the Private Cloud.

There are two infrastructure shifts taking place that are influencing a re-architecture of data protection environments: Data Growth and Virtual Servers-

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Do we still need data center networking experts ?

At a time where unification and simplification are critical for the management of the Data Center, Ravi Balakrishnan, Cisco Data Center Solution marketing Manager, brought my  attention to a key components of  the Cisco Nexus family, the Cisco Data Center Network Manager 4.2
His constant exposure to a diverse and large number of customers, convinced Ravi of the importance of this solution, and he is pretty passionate  about the list of benefits that DCNM 4.2 provides to the network administrator.

Designed for the Cisco Nexus family (2000, 5000, 7000),  Cisco DCNM 4.2 consolidates many individual management tools (fault analysis, performance monitoring configuration archiving, software image upgrading, etc.) into one single solution 


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