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Big Data and Analytics Touchdowns

What’s your winning combo for big data and analytics? This may come as a surprise to you – but given that the Superbowl is approaching – I am going to use a football analogy. As we get ready for the game in 2 weeks, we have a tale of two quarterbacks. One is an established quarter back with a long-standing history of victories. The other –new, up and coming—brings a ton of enthusiasm and fresh legs to the game.

This is like the analytics market place of today. We have established players like SAP, SAS, and IBM and new ones such as Splunk, Platfora, and ParStream (now part of Cisco). On this 10th birthday of Hadoop, we have established technology approaches from Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR using MapReduce being challenged by the new player to the game – Spark, which is starting to score big in the technology field. The big 3 are taking different approaches to this, which should make it fun to watch.

Ok, guess how Cisco UCS ties into all of this? The foundation under all of these players is a solid integrated infrastructure that enables the game to be played and won. And like Levi’s stadium, UCS is the state of the art infrastructure with all of the most essential bells and whistles (Yes, I’m talking about service profiles for policy execution and management and ACI for business-relevant software defined networking (SDN)). Because in football and in business, it’s important to go ALL THE WAY, you can rely on Cisco’s end-to-end solutions to make this happen.

Trying to figure out the winning combination for your team? I pulled together a ‘scouting report’ to help you put together your ideal fantasy team. Bookmark this, because this is where you can find the latest and greatest and how each player partners with Cisco to bring you insights to action.

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Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Cisco ACI with SAP HANA Vora

One of the common topics of debate in data management circles has been – do Big Data solutions replace traditional database solutions? The industry trends show that it will not, but instead the two will coexist and complement each other.

Following this theme of coexistence, two years ago we at Cisco shared our vision of integrating with platforms such as SAP HANA and Hadoop. As you would already know, SAP HANA is an in-memory database, built for transactional, analytical, and application logic processing while with Hadoop from the Apache software foundation is designed for  large scale data management and distributed data processing that can analyze massive amounts of diverse datasets. Combing SAP HANA with Hadoop can bring new dimension to data analytics. Our new integration shows how a shared infrastructure and unified management architecture delivers simpler and scalable implementations at a lower cost of ownership.

Last year, we announced our partnership and commitment to SAP HANA Vora – an Apache Spark-based execution framework for interactive memory analytics on Hadoop. SAP HANA Vora on the Cisco UCS and ACI offers unified administration across SAP HANA and Hadoop distributions, role- and policy-based automation, full active- active redundancy, high performance and exceptional scalability needed to support growing business demands.

Today, we are happy to announce the availability of a Cisco Validated Design (CVD), Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Cisco ACI for SAP HANA Vora, that provides step by step design guidelines that have been comprehensively tested and documented to help ensure faster, more reliable and predictable deployments at a lower total cost of ownership.

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Is your database at risk? Let Cisco help

Are you preparing your organization for the end of support on Microsoft SQL Server 2005? Continuing to run legacy SQL Server can present significant challenges for your organization.

Information volume continues to grow worldwide at a minimum rate of 59% annually. And while data is expected to grow 44x larger over the next decade, the number of IT pros is only expected to grow 1.4x larger. This puts IT pros under pressure to perform at higher levels than they ever have, and legacy infrastructure is ill-equipped to take on this burden.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.16.37 PM

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Evaluating IaaS Solutions: Comparing UCS Director to HPE OneView

According to the latest predictions from analyst firm IDC, “more than 80% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud by 2017.” That means that your organization is likely to evaluate an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions this year, if you haven’t chosen one already. As you consider options, it can be difficult to evaluate the different management platforms and sort through the vendor claims. A team of technical experts developed a list of evaluation criteria to make it easier. They have recently published a white paper that provides a clear comparison between Cisco UCS Director and HPE OneView.  The paper looks at three critical areas of IaaS functionality:IaaS Image

  • Orchestration and automation
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Heterogeneous provisioning and management

A concise side-by-side comparison is provided in a table on page 5 of the document with details provided in the other sections of the paper.

You can download the paper here.

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Composable Infrastructure Webinar – Forrester Analyst Provides Insights

Composable Infrastructure Webinar 012116cThere’s been a lot of talk in the past several months about composable infrastructure. It’s a new product category that has gained attention as Cisco and other vendors have introduced new products into the market. A webinar on January 21 with Forrester Research analyst, Richard Fichera, will provide insights into what is driving the demand for this new technology and explain the technology. The webinar will also feature a customer describing how they use composable infrastructure.

The increasing demand to provide an infrastructure that is more flexible and adaptable while still being easy to use is causing Cisco and other vendors to introduce new types of products. Composable infrastructure is a new category of systems that addresses this requirement.  With new categories also comes some confusion, so we’ve asked an industry expert to provide some perspective for this webinar.  The guest speaker, Richard Fichera,  is a Vice President with Forrester Research. Rich is a principal analyst serving infrastructure and operations professionals.

The webinar is on January 21st at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PDT. Save your spot and register today!

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