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Advice on Clouds

Ok, need some help here. I picked up some new job responsibilities in the cloud space this past week and thought I would ask for some help with two things-1) Am looking for some good people with a background in cloud architectures (cloud computing and cloud-based service offerings like SaaS models and such) and a solid understanding of network architectures that have strong presentation skills and can also help write on this blog, so also need good written communication skills. (or at least be able to use spell-check and thus do a better job than I do at this)2) And this is the fun/challenging part- what should Cisco do in the cloud market? Seriously, play John Chambers for a day. What do you think Cisco’s role is and what should it be? I know Allan Leinwand who often writes for GigaOm has some thoughts, I am sure Rich Miller has a few and James Urquhart wrote some solid pieces with his perspective. Join the conversation, and tell us what we need to be building, what M&A we should pursue (if any), and what role you see the network and Cisco playing in the evolving cloud environment. Last thought, and a bit of a test of a theory- can cloud computing models be ad-supported? dg

Video Blog about our VMWorld Announcements Today

Just recorded this this morning here in Barcelona about our announcements at VMWorld in Las Vegas. dg

Only a couple of more days…

September 13, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

I am not a huge fan of going to tradeshows--in fact, I generally avoid them, but I am actually looking forward to VMworld this coming week. If half the speculation is true, I think we should see some things will really move the ball forward in terms of allowing customers to develop and execute on broader and more sophisticated virtualization strategies--not just stuff that has been”v-washed” after the fact, but things that were purpose-built for the needs of this brave new virtualized world. I know what we have up our sleeves and I am guessing we will not be the only ones spawning some headlines.If you are going to be in Las Vegas, definitely check out Paul Maritz’s keynote on Tuesday at 9:30 and then our own Ed Bugnion’s keynote at 11:00. Ed is going to be talking about the VMware and Cisco vision that is driving the next wave of development.Outside of these two sessions, Guy Brunsdon has probably got the definitive list of sessions for all you network geeks out there--you know who you are.Besides that, definitely come by the Cisco booth (#918) to say hello. For more info on demos, speaking sessions and other Cisco stuff at VMworld, check out this link.

Accelerate Mobile Workers

When the application acceleration rubber meets the road warriors, a purpose-built architecture offered by Cisco and its partner shows how good it really is.Check out this outstanding product review from Dave Mitchell at PC Pro in UK: Cisco WAAS Mobile 3.4Verdict: It’s a cinch to deploy, offers excellent optimisation performance and is packed with features -- ideal for SMBs Meng

Forbes Tech Cover Story Today

Quentin Hardy at Forbes gets it pretty right today with an article on Cisco in the Data Center. As we evolve the network to becoming more of a platform, and applications evolve to SOA and Cloud architectures -- i.e. the most network centric application architectures ever. The network plays an increasing role in the data center. I have to give Quentin some grief for not quoting me (darn!) but he got John Chambers and McCool and Prem so we’re well covered. One or two factual things- our new data center is in Richardson, Texas; not RTP. Primarily for the redundant power grids that are available to us there. It has about a 10Mw critical load. We are also expanding Webex data centers to ensure global service delivery as we pass the 7M minutes a month mark on that SaaS offering. Our Catalyst switching line is the one Quentin is referring to that is around $10B a year, growing nicely in the data center too, even as we introduce the Nexus line which is purpose built for the data center. And Quentin, thanks for the grief on naming :) Got some ideas for me there? Nexus came to me in the shower one morning…. (bad joke) but yeah as a certain point we regress to boring numbers. Are we as bad as HP with the BL495c? The thing I think Quentin nails though is that the application architecture is coming to the network. The next evolution of what we created with the global connectivity offered by the Internet (will alwyas use the Big I) is these large data center and cloud computing infrastructures and this is an area we have focused on for a very long time that is now coming into the light of day and into its own while in a period of economic turbulence, technology disruption, and market transition. What better time to broaden your focus, build systems and solutions, and purpose build products for key market opportunities. There are some markets that are stagnant in innovation where the systems vendors have sold out their innovation and creativity to other companies and silicon providers that are ripe for disruption and innovation that captures market opportunities. It’s going to be one very very fun year. Speaking of this- check out what we are introducing on Tuesday. In the words of the famous anchorman Ron Burgundy, “it’s kind of a big deal.”