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The New Collaboration Effect : Cisco , Verizon and You

When Cisco talks about collaboration, Cisco talks about people connecting creating, and innovating .Together. That’s exactly what Cisco , Verizon and their customer are doing with Verizon Managed Optimization Service that uses Cisco WAAS In this short video, Steven Capozzi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Verizon who met at Cisco Live Michael Leonard, Cisco Data Center Solutions in charge of WAAS , explains how Verizon is deploying a Wide Area service for customers who are centralizing their applications to reduce IT costs but then seeing a drop in performance over the WAN. By optimizing the WAN with Cisco WAAS organizations get the application performance that they need and by going with a managed service from Verizon they benefit from their expertise in monitoring and tuning application performance while freeing up staff to focus on the core business.

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WAN Optimization ROI Study by Forrester Research

If you are a Fortune 2000-size organization, with 40 branch offices in North America and 10 branch offices in Europe and Asia. How much money can you save by deploying WAN optimization technologies? What kind of ROI should you expect?
If you’ve been searching for a quantitative answer, look no further. Here’s a detailed study on 9 organizations across the globe, conducted by top-tier industry analyst firm Forrester Research: 1 leading healthcare company with 120 facilities 1 engineering services company with $650M annual revenue 3 Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies 1 Fortune 1000 consumer products company 1 transportation company 1 international law firm 1 Federal credit union

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Intel and Cisco:Together to help reshaping the internet and the data center

Kirk Skaugen, Vice President of the Digital Enterprise Group and general manager of the Server Platforms Group for Intel Corporation, was at cisco Live to highlight the partnership between Cisco and Intel. He met John Chambers, Cisco Chairman & CEO, at the Intel booth and presented to Cisco and John a XEON 5500 processor series wafer (code named Nehalem).Picture taken by Hank Lea, blogger at Intel imageThe same day Kirk Skaugen delivered an impressive presentation at the partner super session. After his speech, Harris Sussmann, Cisco Unified Computing Market Manager, asked him a couple of questions in a quick video interview Read More »

Cisco and EMC talk about FCoE -part 2

Couple of days after my first meeting in San Francisco with Stuart Miniman, EMC Technologist CTO Office and Kash Shaikh, Cisco Senior Manager Data Center Solutions, I invited both of them for another conversation on FCoE. This time they focus on the impact of FCoE on the network administration, and what is the best way to roll out this new opportunity for the storage networking

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Beyond CiscoLive 2009!

Well, we are all safely back from CiscoLive. Speaking for the blogger crew, we had a lot of fun and had the chance to chat with a large number of customers across the length of the event. To a person, the folks I talked to were positive about how our data center story has unfolded over the last year, but at the same time, many had good questions about what things like FCoE, UCS and clouds (in their seeming infinite variety) really mean for them, so that should keep up off the streets and out of trouble for a while, making sure we get those questions answered.Here is our final blogger minute for you entertainment. We captured a lot of video over the week, so look for highlights for the show floor and from key sessions in the coming days. Read More »