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Cisco and Infoblox – VOD from Webcast

I got to enjoy a morning recently with 600 of my closest friends, on a webcast with Stuart Bailey from Infoblox, Rahul Tripathi from Cisco, and moderated by the illustrious RIck Kagan- also from Infoblox. I do not normally shamelessly advertise webcasts an such like this, but let me say that we had fun with this one. After the obligatory registration section- jump in, but also comment back, join the conversation, and let us know what you think. dg

Nexus 5000 Garners InfoWorld Award

January 21, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

The Cisco Nexus 5000 was recently named “Best Datacenter Fabric Switch” by InfoWorld as part of their 2009 Technology of the Year awards. A winner in the “Networking and Security” category, the Nexus 5000 was recognized for its flexibility and innovation. InfoWorld notes:

With a price that drubs the competition, a small 2U form factor, great scalability, and unrivaled speed and latency, the Nexus 5000 is poised to take on all challengers in the space.

The full InfoWorld review can be found here. Just in case you think we are resting on our laurels, stay tuned for more from the Nexus family in the coming weeks.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

As Padmasree stated in her blog post on Unified Computing, “Yes.”We are in the middle of a series of disruptions, both technological and economic. On the technology front there is an increasing shift to using virtualization technologies to extend the life cycle of data centers, servers, and storage. By improving utilization faster than growth-rates assets last longer, the business can run more efficiently. At its core virtualization is about a shift from hardware definitions of system architectures to software definitions; a move from physical servers to virtual machines, a journey from the Lego-brick home-built architectures of today to the Unified Computing architectures of tomorrow This creates a disruption, and an opportunity. An opportunity to build systems architectures that embrace virtualization, that accelerate virtualization, that integrate virtualization. Read More »

Robert Scoble on Job Hunting

Interesting story and post over on Scobleizer on Job Hunting in 2009. Robert makes a good set of points on how to get your name out there, network in the Web 2.0 World, build your personal brand, and get that next job if you are looking for one. I recently recruited a gent to Cisco because I wrote a blog post, he wrote a better one about mine, and I thought, “hmmm, this guy is bright, philosophically aligned, and writes really well. I wonder if he’d want to work here? ” Reaching out on Twitter over the next few days we started down the road that led to him joining Cisco. Times are hard right now, and I have a lot of friends asking for advice, jobs, introductions, etc. I like Robert’s advice- post, link, blog, join the conversation, show who you are, etc.

Snowstorm in San Jose

This morning when I woke up for a 7am meeting it was about 60 degrees out. But to my immediate surprise I had a SMS that may meeting canceled because of a blizzard. Here is a picture of the actual conditions that denied this meeting with a large retailer.

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