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Data Center Security Update

May 1, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

The fine folks at our ESE team are putting on what looks to be a very cool session on implementing security in the data center. The session is based on the information of the latest Cisco Validated Design and will reflect current best practices for the deployment and design of key technology innovations in the Data Center such as VDCs, VPCs, new STP features, VSS and Services deployment.Topics will include:

  • Security and the Virtualized Infrastructure
  • Deploying ASA, Network IPS, Application Services
  • Maintaining Policy Enforcement, Isolation, and Visibility
  • Security and Server Virtualization

The session is on May 8 at 8am (PT). To register for the session, go to here.BTW, for more info on the Cisco Validated Design program, check out

Unified Computing System Manager Revealed (Part 1)

May 1, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

OK, so it took a bit longer than I planned, but here is the first of a two-part walk-through of Cisco UCS Manager with Brian Schwarz. As context, I would also suggest you check out the prior two posts on UCS Manager here and here.Here is the embedded video, but I suggest you click through and look at the larger format video (to click through, mouse over the upper left corner of the running video and click on the word “facebook” when it appears).

The second video covers the service profiles in more depth.

Unified Computing System Manager Revealed (Part 2)

May 1, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

Here is the second video video walk-through for the Cisco UCS Manager. In this one, we dig into the service profiles a bit more and then talk a bit about the use models for the Unified Computing System XML API.Again, while you can watch the embedded video here, if you click through you can get a bigger viewing window (to click through, mouse over the upper left corner of the running video and click on the word “facebook” when it appears).

Is The Recent IBM/Brocade Data Center Announcement Targeted at Cisco, or HP?

Many industry pundits have missed the proverbial forest for the trees this week. IBM’s recent announcement in which they detail the broadening of their joint Brocade/Foundry GTM strategy has been misinterpreted as an anti-Cisco strategy. In reality, it’s an anti-HP strategy. IBM sees HP turning their “aircraft carrier” to refocus on the Data Center as defined by Cisco’s UCS announcement (e.g. servers, storage and networking). Proof point: The hiring away of David Donatelli from EMC (storage experience with EMC, along with admittedly valuable Cisco-EMC DC “inside baseball” knowledge) to lead their newly defined Data Center business.

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News Flash: Now, Ducks Can Quack

April 29, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

imageThese days, there seems to be a steady parade of announcements from some of our competitors signing deals with some of our partners. Somewhere in the announcement there is inevitably a proclaimation something along the lines of “now, customers have a choice!” I find this a curious statement--didn’t customers always have a choice? I mean this is a free market and every vendor has equal access to customers. As far as I can tell, customers have always been free to choose and they tend to choose the vendor that best meets their needs.Similarly, these partners have built their reputations by being intensely focused on the needs of their customers and seeking out the best solutions for them, and I would be surprised to see a shift in that philosophy. So, it kinda makes you wonder what really changed…?