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FCoE not just for sale, Cisco Nexus FCoE also in production

I like when I get to write blogs like this one. Over the past six months we have had a variety of opinions expressed, some positive, some questioning, some negative, on the viability of FibreChannel over Ethernet, FCoE. For the past month or so I am pleased to report that the website that hosts all of our press releases and activity knows to us as News@Cisco has been running on FCoE, in production. Read More »

Video Overview of the Data Center Assurance Program Tool

I was just trying out the updated Data Center Assurance Program tool. It includes SP and Enterprise architectures and we currently are testing the Nexus 7000 and Nexus 5000 through this program. To help things along I made a quick video of me walking through the more in-depth sections, like the deep dive systems test. Read More »

TechwiseTV Episode on VN-Link

October 11, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

Those of you who are familiar with TechWiseTV know this will be good--for the rest of you, be sure to check this out.You can register here

Economic Downturn Driving Cloud Computing Evolution

“Desperate times call for desperate measures”. — Not sure who said this originally, but some attribute it to Guy Fawkes in 1605. There was an article I was just reading on Data Center Knowledge that got me thinking a bit. In periods of economic uncertainty, especially when the capital for large-scale build-outs may be hard to raise in the debt markets or at least much more expensive to raise people turn to look at other options that enable them to continue to meet end-user and business demands for IT services. Sometimes they need capacity, sometimes IT just needs the time to focus on new projects. Read More »

Today my laptop was stolen….

In the last 24 hours I went to my car, went for a drive, and noticed that it was a bit breezy. I looked over the the right and noticed a good bit of glass all over the place, some of it underneath me, and where o’ where was my briefcase, with my snazzy MacBook Air, external HDD, US Passport, and notebook. Yeah I was irked a bit! Read More »