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Happy Birthday to Online Gaming, a day late, many dollars short, and their name is MUD

I just read what I thought was a very interesting write-up on the evolution of online gaming. As someone who played MUDs, tried to write and code for one once, dabbled with games like Galactic Empire on 1200bps dial-up BBS systems, then evolved to Ultima Online, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Warhammer Age of Reckoning, and then back to World of Warcraft with the add-ons… yep, am a bit of a gamer. In fact sitting on my desktop is the link to WoW Burning Crusade.But what started it all, was the Multi-User Dungeon. I played on one in college off of the DUC VAX named Mallard at Auburn University. But that was years after this one first came up, MUD-1. A good read…, these are a wonderful driver of Internet and Data Center architectures and bandwidth….

Cisco on Cisco Data Center TechMinute Podcast Series

Data Center TechMinute: Your Insider View into Cisco’s Global Data Center Development and Strategy GUESTS:Doug Alger, IT Architect, CiscoOmar Sultan, Data Center Product Marketing Manager, CiscoTOPIC COVERED:Cisco’s IT team defines Cisco current and future data center design issues, development and strategy.

Data Center TechMinute: How is Cisco Virtualizing Our Own Infrastructure? GUESTS:Sidney Morgan, IT Manager, CiscoOmar Sultan, Data Center Product Marketing Manager, CiscoTOPIC COVERED:Listen in on how Cisco is driving energy efficiency in our own data center infrastructure.

WAN Optimization: Available Today from your Service Provider

While WAN optimization has proven to be a core and well valued enterprise networking (and broader IT) technology — forecasted at $1.4B for 2008 — the availability of service provider managed service offerings for WAN optim. is beginning to hit its stride in 2008.For example, Verizon announced its expanded WAN optimization service this week — leveraging Cisco WAAS. And Cable & Wireless announced WAN optimization as a managed service offering earlier this year…. Read More »

Cisco — market leader in blade switches??

As a solution to address power, space & complexity within the data center, many data center IT managers are increasingly turning to blade servers. One of these customers, a Silicon Valley neighbor to Cisco, is LiveOps, which provides a SaaS call center solution for enterprise customers. The company also utilizes its on-demand platform to operate the largest virtual call center with access to more than 20,000 independent home agents handling customer service, support and sales calls for Fortune 500 and major media companies.

┬áLiveOps currently has two data centers and is in the process of switching on a third, each houses hundreds of servers running several types of applications. According to Roy Youngs, network manager for LiveOps, senior management made the decision to move to a more space effective IT environment to reduce operating expenses and increase IT productivity. Additionally, the company is focused on providing its customers with enterprise grade availability so it was critical that the switches would support its rigorous standards for mission-critical availability. Says Youngs: “The benefit I see with the Catalyst Blade Switch 3120′s is that I can use Virtual Blade Switch (VBS) technology and reduce the IT footprint that we physically have to manage. Now instead of having to manage hundreds we only need to manage a fraction of that number of blade switches.”

In addition to routing and switching, Cisco is also the clear leader in blade switching with over 5 million ports and over 220,000 switches sold. Our blade switch family offers a comprehensive blade switching solution- with both Ethernet-based Catalyst and Fibre Channel-based MDS blade switches for leading blade server vendors. With innovations such as Virtual blade switch (VBS) on Ethernet and Flexattach on Fibre Channel side, Cisco blade switch product family provides the lowest TCO in the industry.

FCoE not just for sale, Cisco Nexus FCoE also in production

I like when I get to write blogs like this one. Over the past six months we have had a variety of opinions expressed, some positive, some questioning, some negative, on the viability of FibreChannel over Ethernet, FCoE. For the past month or so I am pleased to report that the website that hosts all of our press releases and activity knows to us as News@Cisco has been running on FCoE, in production. Read More »