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Crazy Cabling Contest Winners

So, we have some winners for our Crazy Cabling Contest. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry and took the time to vote. It was a hard-fought battle, but here are the victors:
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Cloud potential to scale is highly dependent upon a smart network infrastructure

Cloud enterprise architecture is the new apps-on-tap, utility computing, central mainframe/thin client orthodoxy (care to recall the time-share computing days … hey, FORTRAN is even still around!).

What’s new is old; except in the case of enterprise cloud, the net-new requirement is optimizing the underlying network infrastructure to deliver reliable, secure, compliant scale and speed for on-demand provisioning of business-critical applications, with minimal human (read:  professional consulting) intervention.

At odds with enterprise cloud is the traditional outsourcing services model.  Yes, you may end up paying less over time but your deployment, systems integration and app development/provisioning time-to-market is no greater, and in fact, often turns out to be more elongated.  What’s more, the delay in deployment and absorption risks loss of competitive and revenue advantage.

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Is the new data center fabric really a combination of Borg and big Brother? Answer on March 30th

I don’t know about you , but I want to be well prepared for the March 30th Cisco announcement
Listening to Cisco SVP Bill Brownell’s invitation, we can definitely expect some very interesting product news, but more importantly a new round of conversations about the right fabric-infrastructure, especially in the context of cloud computing.

That’s why we will have special guests such as John McCool, Soni Jiandani and Tim Gillis in addition of Forrester Research and IDC (see my previous blog)

So as I was willing to be well prepared, I found this interesting blog from Ivan about data center fabric architecture , which obviously grabbed also the attention of some of our smart  engineers

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Are Cloud Application Migration Challenges Holding You Back? Let our white paper help you …..

Last month, I attended CiscoLive in London, where I delivered a Birds-Of-A-Feather session and had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of customers.  One service provider I talked to noted that, in a number of their key customers, the topic of application migration to the cloud was top of mind, and in particular migration of large scale ERP systems and platforms.  An interesting topic indeed.  And we have a white paper from Cisco Services to help you understand more on the challenges of migrating such enterprise applications to the cloud.

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Delving in Cisco Data Center Fabric, Part 1

Following my last blog post , I have gotten a number of questions on how we specifically define “fabric” so I thought I’d dig into that a bit more with this post.  So, the primarily point is that our definition of fabric it built around a specific set of features and capabilities. It is not tied to specific products or topology. Again, we think it’s important that our customers have choice and not have an arbitrary architecture foisted upon them.

At its most basic level, a fabric is a highly available, high performance shared infrastructure built with integrated, intelligent compute, storage and network nodes that can be rapidly and simply organized around the requirements of a given workload.

We see this fabric as having six specific characteristics:

    • Open – based on open standards
    • Integrated – breaks down traditional silos with a more holistic approach
    • Flexible – allows customers architectural flexibility and choice
    • Scalability – easily grows and adapts as the data center evolves
    • Resilient – delivers bullet-proof uptime
    • Secure – provides security and policy compliance

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