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Wishful Thinking: The FCoE Edition

March 13, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

imageSince there are folks out there that would have you believe we will see cold fusion before we see a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard, I thought it would be a good time to provide an update, especially because the T11 working group tasked with developing the standard has been putting in some significant effort.To bring everyone up to speed, the FCoE standard is being developed by the T11 Technical Committee within INCITS. The T11 committee defines all the aspects of the Fibre Channel protocols. The work on FCoE started in April 2007, when T11 was led by Bob Snively (Brocade) as Chair and Claudio DeSanti (Cisco) as Vice-Chair. Sadly, earlier this year, Bob died and Claudio has been acting as interim chair. The actual FCoE development work is being carried out in the FC-BB-5 (Fibre Channel -- Backbone -- 5) working group, which is led by Claudio as Chair, and has Dave Peterson (Brocade) as Editor. Read More »

Building a Better Blade Server – Network Style….

I’ve been asked a lot about why would Cisco build a blade server recently. I don’t know where these rumors and speculation come from. But notwithstanding I thought I would write out the answers I usually give. 1) Cisco is NOT building a blade server. What we are doing with Unified Computing is so much more than just a blade server that even using terms like blade server in the same sentence with Unified Computing doesn’t do the architecture justice. The problem is that with something that is this big in scope and scale, people often have a hard time wrapping their heads around it and conceptualizing it. Let’s face it though -- in a couple years it may be the way people look at IT and they look back at the piece-meal, services intensive, high cost approaches they took from 1990-2010 and wonder why no one ever did Unified Computing earlier.

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The Energy Scoop on Unified Fabrics

It may seem overly simple but generally speaking consolidation can be a great way to reduce total energy use in your data center over a given period. The implications of implementing unified fabrics from our Cisco Nexus line is no exception. However, the savings you achieve might not be as simple as you think. Read More »

Forrester Report: Mainstream Production Virtualization Exposes New Data Center Needs

A study recently released by Forrester research (commissioned by Cisco -- PDF) reveals that virtualization has taken hold in production data centers, but that there are still many hurdles to be addressed--especially when it comes to the relationship between abstracted and physical resources. Titled “How Server And Network Virtualization Make Data Centers More Dynamic”, the 14 page study asked 240 randomly selected firms with experience in managing medium to large virtualized server environments about the barriers that keep them from doing more.

The results are quite interesting.

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Update: Cisco IT and the Nexus Deployment

March 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

image Here is a quick update from Sidney on the progress with the Nexus and unified fabric deployment in Cisco’s production data centers. Beyond Sidney’s update, you can get more details on the project here.