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Achieving Evolutionary Fabric with Revolutionary Scale

I’ve just returned from Cisco Expo in Croatia (beautiful country!), where cloud computing was a major theme in the keynote speeches. One of the keynotes was delivered by no less than the President of Croatia!  Evolution to cloud computing was a top of mind topic for many of the attendees.   Evolution, innovation and investment protection were key to the customers I spoke with this week, and key reasons why they are adopting Cisco for cloud and their data center evolution.   This evolution is made simpler with products such as the Cisco Nexus range, and the  Cisco Unified Computing System.  It’s also simplified with the Cisco Data Center Optimization Service, used by many customers to obtain the key skills they need to evolve their data centers.  This subscription service gives you a flexible menu of options you can call on, periodically, to bring additional expertise and specialist skillsets in for targeted data center evolution projects.  Let’s talk about these options in more detail.

Cisco Expo - Croatia - March 2011

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UCS Performance Benchmark Results that Matter!

You’ve probably seen Cisco’s announcement on two new world–record setting benchmark results recently. On March 9th 2011 Cisco announced the world-record setting SPECjEnterprise®2010 benchmark results with a solution based on the UCS 4-socket servers. Cisco followed it up with industry’s first VMware® VMmark™ 2.1 benchmark results on UCS B200’s.

This is another example of how the UCS portfolio allows you to optimize for a variety of considerations, including cost and alignment with application architecture, without compromising performance.

A while back I introduced you to my colleague Girish Kulkarni, and you’ll be hearing more from him soon. Here’s what he has to say about the benchmarks:

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Introduction to “Cisco Datacenter Interconnect (DCI)”

As I continue to ramp up my understanding of Cisco’s innovative datacenter technologies and joint solutions with our open ecosystem partners, I had opportunity to sit down with Jake Howering, Product Manager for Cisco’s Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solution.

DCI technologies are key to connecting data centers, and simplifying the mobility and scalability of physical and virtualized application workload to address various real world scenarios.

Jake’s one of the very sharp Product Managers I’ve met. Good news is that Jake has joined the blogosphere and will be actively involved is discussions around Cisco DCI solution. Welcome Jake!

Within 30 minutes of discussion, Jake and I touched upon the basic concepts of DCI and the innovative solutions we have brought to market jointly with partners like EMC, NetApp, and VMware. Here is the summary of our discussion around DCI and what it means to the customers:

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The DCI Blog is Here!


Part of Cisco’s Data Center strategy includes Data Center Interconnect (DCI).  DCI is a solutions-based approach to virtualize an organization’s 2 or more Data Centers.  That is, multiple Data Centers can be architected so that they can seamlessly share resources while also delivering new services addressing today’s business challenges and opportunities.

I’m a Product Manager in our Systems Architecture and Strategy Unit (SASU) where we develop DCI enabled architectures *and* put them through our solutions test bed.  Our output includes White Papers, Industry Presentations as well as Design and Implementation Guides with the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) designation.

My ultimate goal here is to share what’s happening and help point you in the right direction as you make your DCI decision or just want to learn about the solution in general. To get you started, please check out our DesignZone as well as more specific DCI content here.

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What NewScale Means for UCS

It’s a big week for Cisco data center customers.

In addition to today’s very big announcement, you may have read yesterday that we announced our intent to acquire newScale, a leading provider of self-service portal and service catalog software. Tere Bracco provided a bit more detail in her blog. NewScale has been OEM’d by our Advanced Services team for the past few months to provide a front end to Tidal’s Intelligent Automation solution—there’s a good explanatory video about the solution. The planned acquisition further cements that relationship. For a good, broad analysis of how newScale fits into our IT automation portfolio, read Forrester analyst Glenn O’Donnell’s blog. Add on today’s announcement of the broadening of DCNM and you should begin to have a sense for how we see data center infrastructure and operations coming together over the long term.

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