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I just returned from a great week of EMC World in Vegas.  The fine folks at EMC make crazyEMC World good technology and they can throw one heck of a party…I mean conference.  The week was full of interesting people, big ideas, big data and of course the cloud.

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Virtual Desktops are Special….

I, just like my colleague Tony Paikeday, am somewhat preoccupied these days with the fast changing world of the desktop and its impact on data center infrastructures. I wanted to pick up on Tony’s desktop virtualization “just another workload” blog back in November because it is a subject of growing discussion, especially with “cloud” being all the buzz. While desktops are an increasingly popular workload to get started with private cloud initiatives, does that mean that data center architects are mixing desktops with more traditional data center workloads?

Talking to our system engineers who are helping plan and design desktop virtualization deployments day in day out…..the more I learn there are very good reasons for treating this workload as special and separate.

The first thing I hear about is sizing of the desktop workload. A “desktop” is not a “desktop”. You can’t just characterize a generic Win 7 desktop for compute, memory, I/O and storage IOPS. You need to be able to customize the infrastructure profile to the specific user type being deployed. Therein lays the danger of mixing these virtual desktops with production workloads, where desktops could end up capturing valuable resources of mission critical services.  For example consolidating a company procurement application on the same compute pool as your desktop workloads could result in a lot of unproductive – or even worse –unhappy employees.

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EMCWorld 2011: Cisco and EMC collaboration – A conversation with Chad Sakac

Today Stephen Blacklock, Cisco WW Director EMC Partnership and I met Chad Sakac, EMC VP VMware Business( known  also the infamous blogger “Virtual Geek “), for a video interview  – Stephen and Chad have been working together for a long time, and both of them like the Toronto area – So the result was a very lively conversation , especially at a time where Chad is ready to rock the audience with a performance on stage at 5 :00 pm in the Venetian “Chad’s Word Live” just before the customer appreciation event by ” The Fray”

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Cisco Blogger Techminute at EMCWorld 2011 in Las Vegas- The game is on! Join us

This Tuesday evening, I invited two of our favorite Cisco Data Center bloggers, Brian Gracely and J Metz, to share  with Wikibon Stuart Miniman their perspectives on the show, the collaboration between Cisco and EMC, and the majors trends in the IT market in cloud computing, VCE and UCS progress . As usual a casual  and insightful short conversation between the three experts .

Check also for an in-depth conversation (20 mn)   between Brian and Stuart on cloud computing which happened yesterday at the Silicon Angle  TV

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Does Cisco’s Unified Computing System server platform support Enterprise Business Applications? Where do I go to find out?

You run your business on SAP.  You have standardized on Oracle for your  database, and you have Microsoft apps all over your company.  All three are critical if you want to maintain your competitive edge in the market.  You are doing a server refresh right now and Cisco’s Unified Computing System server platform keeps surfacing as a server platform that you should seriously consider in your decision.  You would like to know as much about Cisco’s server platform as possible.  So where do you go to find out about it?

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