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Cisco Live : Blogger Techminute with VMware and EMC on Cloud

Cisco Brian Gracely, VMware Wade Holmes, and EMC Scott Lowe talked about the Cloud announcement at Cisco LiveLas Vegas 2011

You can also read the blog from Scott Lowe at
Scott shares with his readers  detailed reports of the session he is attending

Tuesday at Cisco Live

Yesterday was another very busy day at Cisco Live- In addition of the multiple sessions , the World of Solutions was open most of the day  with a great level of interactions –  I stopped mid-afternoon on several booths to videotape experts  including the Cisco Intelligent Automation booth and the Cisco Data Center booth, as well as the VMware and VCE  booths, and could see customers very interested by these technologies.

In the afternoon, I was fortunate to receive  for a quick panel 3  active data center bloggers who did the trip from North Carolina to Cisco Live Las vegas – So Cisco Brian Gracely , VCE Jeramiah Dooley and Varrow Jason Nah engaged in an interesting conversation about Cisco Live and Vblock from VCE

You can follow  Brian, Jeramiah and Jason on Twitter : @bgracely,  @jdooley_clt, @nash_j

You can also read more from Jeramiah on his blog at –  and Jason’s blog is at

Stay tuned as I will bring you 2 more video panels this week, and  a series of video interviews from Cisco Live .

Can Workspace-Aware Infrastructure Deliver Better End-User Outcomes?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with a panel comprised of the following folks here at Cisco Live!  First off, my thanks to Friea Berg (@friea) for creating this opportunity.  Events like Cisco Live are a great venue, but pulling together a group of industry peers to have a meaningful dialog around the challenges our mutual customers face, and how we can better serve them is something that magnifies the impact of these events.  So, yesterday I was lucky to join the following folks: Read More »

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Cisco Live : Daily Blogger Techminute and UCS 2 Years Birthday Celebration

There was a lot energy yesterday at Cisco Live – A larger than expected crowd gathered in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, showing a growing interest for Cisco and Cisco partners. At the end of a series of video interviews I was happy to welcome for a  quick panel on desktop virtualization Citrix Natalie Lambert, NetApp Vaughn Stewart and Cisco Doug Dooley

If you want to know more about Cisco Desktop Virtualization, check also this video interview from Doug Dooley at Citrix Synergy.

After the panel, data center bloggers and tweeps gathered for a meet up, happy hour,  and raffle on the data center booth at the World of Solutions which just opened at 5:00 pm  – A great opportunities to meet physically a lot of Cisco and non Cisco bloggers.

But the end was not over as I join my video crew for the UCS birthday – Cisco Live was an opportunity to celebrate with numerous customers and with our partner Intel on the last floor on THEhotel  the 2 years of Unified Computing System – A birthday can’t be sweet without a cake – So we shared a cake made after the UCS design – Check out the unusual shape of this cake !Sounds familiar ?

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Cisco Live, VXI, and the New Convergence

As if desktop virtualization wasn’t complicated enough… let’s throw unified communications in there, and really roll the dice (sticking with the Vegas theme) with getting your small pilot/PoC off the ground.  Right?  Well traditionally, yes, but we’ve actually seen this movie before – one that tells a very similar story of convergence at the desktop that resulted in a major transformation in how enterprises leverage the intelligence in the network to bring two previously disparate worlds together (this reads better with the voice-over guy they use in Hollywood trailers). Read More »

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