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The Napkin Dialogues: FCoE vs. QCN

While at Cisco Live I had the pleasure of meeting several people who were curious about Multihop FCoE but had the unfortunate experience of getting too much misinformation from several sources (yes, including some of Cisco’s competition, but even some partners!). Some had already seen my article on FCoE and TRILL and wanted to know if I could help explain the relationship between FCoE and QCN (Quantized Congestion Notification), one of the documents in the IEEE DCB standard revision.

Even though we have a very good, short white paper on the subject, this is one of those subjects that as soon as people ask about it we break out the white boarding, or in the case of being at Cisco Live, the napkins. There are just some things that pictures help explain better.

Because of this, I’m going to try something different with this blog. It may work, or I may fall flat on my face; I suppose we shall find out. Read More »

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Cisco UCS : Celebrating 2 years with a fast growing number of customers

Last week in Las Vegas  at Cisco Live , we celebrated with numerous customers the 2 year birthday of the Unified Computing Systems (UCS)

I mentioned it that briefly in one of my previous blogs , but today I’d  like to give some additional color to this event .

Amongst the videos displayed during the event, one video caught specifically my attention. It was a series of customers quotes extracted from several video success stories that we recorded over the past 12 months . Here is the video

What really struck me watching this video, is that no matter the industry, or the size of the company, all our customers deliver a consistent message

-UCS works beyond their expectations in terms of performances, and reliability
-UCS is easy to deploy and even easier to maintain
-The ROI is just amazing
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10 Minute VMs – Integrating Cisco Intelligent Automation with VMware vCloud

After just getting back from a great week at Cisco Live 2011, I wanted to highlight one of the demonstrations that garnered a huge amount of attention from attendees (customers & partners). This is from our CITEIS project, which is Cisco’s internal Private Cloud.

This demonstration highlights a number of unique Cisco Data Center technologies, along with partner technologies:

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Cisco Intelligent Automation: the best way to be ready for networks convergence and clouds deployment

Ok we had a great party  at Cisco Live on Wednesday night at the M resort with the band “Train” and  5000 J Metz !! Well I mean 5000 participants wearing blinking fedora hats :) Well done J Metz -You’re not only a great blogger but definitely  a big influencer on this  part of the planet!!

Talking of the devil, J Metz  (@jmichelmetz) invited on Thursday morning for a chitchat, two experts of the Cisco Intelligent Automation : Wayne Greene, Director Product Management and Rodrigo Flores Technical Architect Cloud.

Wayne (@wmgreene0 ) came to Cisco with the  acquisition of Tidal Software
Rodrigo (@RFFlores) was the founder and CTO of  NewScale and an avid blogger

Both companies (Tidal Software and NewScale) are now part of the Cisco Intelligent Automation BU

The first  question of J Metz was about the customers pain points
– Convergence force the IT organization to implement a software layer to orchestrate and automate the processes and deliver appropriate SLA
– New tensions and challenges result from the growing demand in terms of agility, security  and responsiveness

Watch the video, to discover what Wayne and Rodrigo suggest to address these pain points

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New Cisco UCS Networking Products announced at Cisco Live, 2011

On July 12, 2011 Cisco announced at Cisco Live an expanded portfolio of UCS Networking products that improves Datacenter agility, scalability, performance with industry leading capabilities. The announcement includes the following new products:

1. A new Fabric Interconnect (Cisco UCS 6248UP) that doubles the switching capacity of the data center fabric to improve workload density (from 520Gbps to 1Tbps), reduces end-to-end latency by 40 percent to improve application performance  and provides flexible unified ports to improve infrastructure agility and transition to a fully converged fabric

2. A new Chassis I/O Module (Cisco UCS 2208XP) that doubles the bandwidth to the chassis (from 40Gb to 80Gb) to improve application performance and handle workload bursts (from 80Gb to 320Gb to the blade)

3. A new Virtual Interface Card (Cisco UCS VIC 1280) that quadruples the bandwidth to the server to improve application performance (from dual 10Gb to dual 40Gb) and doubles the number of virtual interfaces to improve Virtual Machine workload density (from 128 interfaces to 256 interfaces). It also offers a choice of Hypervisor to customers by expanding VM-FEX  technology to Linux based hypervisors (KVM based on RHEL 6.1). Read More »

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