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Cisco Intelligent Automation: the best way to be ready for networks convergence and clouds deployment

Ok we had a great party  at Cisco Live on Wednesday night at the M resort with the band “Train” and  5000 J Metz !! Well I mean 5000 participants wearing blinking fedora hats :) Well done J Metz -You’re not only a great blogger but definitely  a big influencer on this  part of the planet!!

Talking of the devil, J Metz  (@jmichelmetz) invited on Thursday morning for a chitchat, two experts of the Cisco Intelligent Automation : Wayne Greene, Director Product Management and Rodrigo Flores Technical Architect Cloud.

Wayne (@wmgreene0 ) came to Cisco with the  acquisition of Tidal Software
Rodrigo (@RFFlores) was the founder and CTO of  NewScale and an avid blogger

Both companies (Tidal Software and NewScale) are now part of the Cisco Intelligent Automation BU

The first  question of J Metz was about the customers pain points
– Convergence force the IT organization to implement a software layer to orchestrate and automate the processes and deliver appropriate SLA
– New tensions and challenges result from the growing demand in terms of agility, security  and responsiveness

Watch the video, to discover what Wayne and Rodrigo suggest to address these pain points

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New Cisco UCS Networking Products announced at Cisco Live, 2011

On July 12, 2011 Cisco announced at Cisco Live an expanded portfolio of UCS Networking products that improves Datacenter agility, scalability, performance with industry leading capabilities. The announcement includes the following new products:

1. A new Fabric Interconnect (Cisco UCS 6248UP) that doubles the switching capacity of the data center fabric to improve workload density (from 520Gbps to 1Tbps), reduces end-to-end latency by 40 percent to improve application performance  and provides flexible unified ports to improve infrastructure agility and transition to a fully converged fabric

2. A new Chassis I/O Module (Cisco UCS 2208XP) that doubles the bandwidth to the chassis (from 40Gb to 80Gb) to improve application performance and handle workload bursts (from 80Gb to 320Gb to the blade)

3. A new Virtual Interface Card (Cisco UCS VIC 1280) that quadruples the bandwidth to the server to improve application performance (from dual 10Gb to dual 40Gb) and doubles the number of virtual interfaces to improve Virtual Machine workload density (from 128 interfaces to 256 interfaces). It also offers a choice of Hypervisor to customers by expanding VM-FEX  technology to Linux based hypervisors (KVM based on RHEL 6.1). Read More »

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Cisco Live : Blogger Techminute with NetApp on Flexpod Solutions

I welcomed again NetApp Vaughn Stewart for a another exciting video bloggers panel, this time focused on Cisco NetApp solution Flexpod, with the participation of one of our great partner WorldWide Technology Joe Onisick and  Abhinav Joshi , from the Cisco Validate Design team (CVD) .

You know Abhinav as he is a regular blogger of the Cisco Data Center blog – He was recognized as a VMware vExpert in 2011 & 2010, and has many technical certifications from VMware, NetApp, Cisco, EMC, & Citrix Please don’t hesitate to check his recent blogs on this website .

Vaughn Stewart is also an avid blogger , who did a great job on reporting several conversations he has during Cisco Live – Please check his recents blogs
Inspired by a conversation with Bart  from Walz a Flexpod customer, Vaugh wrote about the 7 key building blocks to achieving in a real world cloud environment :Real-World Clouds built on Cisco and NetApp
A conversation about cloud automation, security and Flexpod :Cisco Live chat with Abhinav Joshi of Cisco and Wade Holmes of  VMware

Joe Onisick is the founder of Define the Cloud and a Technical Solutions Architect at a large Systems Integrator. Joe has received the PosDev award from for content on Define the Cloud and contribution to the IT community.

Cisco Live : Blogger Techminute with VMware and EMC on Cloud

Cisco Brian Gracely, VMware Wade Holmes, and EMC Scott Lowe talked about the Cloud announcement at Cisco LiveLas Vegas 2011

You can also read the blog from Scott Lowe at
Scott shares with his readers  detailed reports of the session he is attending

Tuesday at Cisco Live

Yesterday was another very busy day at Cisco Live- In addition of the multiple sessions , the World of Solutions was open most of the day  with a great level of interactions –  I stopped mid-afternoon on several booths to videotape experts  including the Cisco Intelligent Automation booth and the Cisco Data Center booth, as well as the VMware and VCE  booths, and could see customers very interested by these technologies.

In the afternoon, I was fortunate to receive  for a quick panel 3  active data center bloggers who did the trip from North Carolina to Cisco Live Las vegas – So Cisco Brian Gracely , VCE Jeramiah Dooley and Varrow Jason Nah engaged in an interesting conversation about Cisco Live and Vblock from VCE

You can follow  Brian, Jeramiah and Jason on Twitter : @bgracely,  @jdooley_clt, @nash_j

You can also read more from Jeramiah on his blog at –  and Jason’s blog is at

Stay tuned as I will bring you 2 more video panels this week, and  a series of video interviews from Cisco Live .