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Enable Your Cloud with Cisco and EMC

  Today, IT environments are becoming increasingly more complex, with mounting evidence that 70 to 85% of IT budgets are spent just to keep infrastructure running. Efficiency, simplicity and scale are top of mind for customers as three key ingredients for their journey to cloud computing.  

Learn how EMC and Cisco enable customers to easily plan, deploy and manage their network storage infrastructure while achieving lower total cost of ownership (TCO), enhanced resiliency, and greater agility.

 Join us for a live InformationWeek webcast as we discuss industry leading technologies that unify storage and data networking to deliver a seamless converged, scalable, and intelligent data center environment that will help customers accelerate adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies.

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Time: 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET
Duration: 60 Minutes

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 Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Time: 9:30 am Australia Time
Duration: 60 Minutes
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Cisco UCS and Nexus 7000: The cornerstone of a new Cisco IT data center designed for disaster recovery

On April 15th, Cisco IT announced the grand opening of  a brand new data Center in Allen, Texas– This opening was part of a larger plan based on new facilities as well as transformation of existing facilities

On September 13, at 11:30 am PST (2:30 p.m. Eastern Time) you are invited to join Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby, VP IT Network and Data Center Services John Manville, and WW VP Sales Data Center and Virtualization Stephanie Carullo for a special TV broadcast on the GRAND OPENING of the NEW CORPORATE DATA CENTER on Cisco’s RTP campus in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Cisco IT transformed an existing data center in a state-of-the-art 2.88 MW, Tier 2 data center. Using UCS and its unique Service Profiles, Nexus switches, and Cisco-developed practices and policies, the new data center supports application development on a daily basis, but also acts as a disaster recovery site based on “virtual datacenters” created within the physical datacenter. The new data center can act as a DR site for multiple production data centers.

You already had the opportunity to listen to Rebecca, John and Stephanie , and you probably know their level of passion and  also their unique vision of the data center

This broadcast is an opportunity to understand

  • How the new data center fits into Cisco’s overall global data center and cloud strategy
  • Cisco’s use of its own data center technology, including the Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco Nexus switches.
  • How Cisco IT successfully transformed this data center and what are  the immediate benefits of this new architecture.

To view the live TV broadcast visit: Registration is not required.
The Replay of the show will be available after the broadcast at the same link.

Please attend and tell us what you think.

Medtronics to Join Cisco-SAP HANA Panel @ SAP TechEd in Las Vegas


Your Unfair Advantage

Medtronic to Join Cisco-SAP HANA Panel @ TechEd Las Vegas

At next week’s TechEd in Las Vegas, SAP HANA hardware partner Cisco will be presenting a customer session featuring Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, discussing their recent SAP HANA deployment. As one of the first customers to install SAP HANA on a Cisco Unified Computing System Server Platform (UCS), Medtronic will join Cisco and SAP in a lively discussion to explain how SAP HANA will allow them to stay ahead of their competition through innovation.

Ben Eiref and Ulrich Kleidon from Cisco, Alan Westfall from Medtronic and Greg Monaco from SAP all will discuss the deployment in depth to show how SAP HANA installed on Cisco UCS will help Medtronic to better analyze their business operations, lower their TCO and speed time to market.

Date/time/location: Wednesday, September 14 from 10:30-11:30a, Bellini 2001A in the Venetian Congress Center

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SAP HANA Scale-Up or Scale-Out. That is the question

SAP HANA Scale Up or SAP HANA Scale Out.  That is the Question

Ever since SAP HANA in-memory computing was announced and started shipping as a rack-mount appliance, a market disruption began.  Customers have begun to realize the value of receiving instantaneous results to their data inquiries instead of having to wait for days to make critical business decisions.  Cisco Unified Computing System server platform made it easy as a self contained appliance for SAP HANA for customers to install and start utilizing this technology day one.

But there are changes in the wind.  Not only can you use SAP HANA as an appliance, but SAP has now announced that they will be installing SAP HANA in a scale-out model, meaning they will have the software available on blade technology.  Now we are talking.  This means that you will not be butting up against any memory challenges in the capacity of the servers.  Of course Cisco UCS already has extended memory capability.  This means that you will not bump up against CPU core challenges.  Since you can daisy chain servers together, you can use as much compute power as needed.  You can also add compute mid-stream in a little as 15 minutes with the Cisco UCS server profile tools.  Cisco UCS service profiles allow you to deploy servers in 15 minutes by allowing you to attach a server profile you already have set up directly to that blade, saving you the time and effort to configure each blade individually.

So what does this mean to the average customer?

1)   The customer can have as many servers (depending upon the configuration and certifications) as needed for the SAP HANA architecture

2)   The customer can make instantaneous decisions, thus beating the competition and getting their product into the hands of their customers in a more expedited way.

3)   The compute is still non-disruptive meaning that these processes are done outside of the normal day to day running of the business

So is there any reason not to embrace this technology?  No.  The winds have changed and that is the answer to the question

You can see this solution live by visiting the Cisco Booth 1000 at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas Sept 12-16 at the Venetian Hotel.

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The Winchester House and the Strategic Imperative for Architectural-led IT Evolution and Transformation – Part 1

What has the Winchester house in San Jose, California – a massive mansion, reputedly haunted (!), which has 65 doors to blank walls, 13 abandoned staircases, 24 skylights into floors, was 38 years in construction, and cost $71 million  –  got to do with your IT architecture, with how your network, data center and video architectural evolution should be considered?

The Winchester House - San Jose, California

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know that I’m focused on evolving our portfolio of data center, unified computing and cloud enablement services. Recently I’ve been working on evolving our approach to customer architectural workshops and services, where we help customers take an architectural-led approach to not only data center transformation, but also across their entire IT architecture. And the architectural challenges of the Winchester house reminded me of the point-product approaches that many of our competitors promote, that ultimately in most cases lead to long term IT architecture challenges for their customers.

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