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Daily Blogger Techminute : Cisco and VMware drive innovation and integration

September 2, 2010 at 12:00 pm PST

With more than 17,000 registrants , VMworld 2010 is the largest and most successful VMworld ever . No surprise , as we know that the virtualization wave keeps growing and growing -- Servers, network, storage, desktops, virtualization is everywhere -- And Cisco with a close partnership with VMware is definitely at the cutting  edge of this wave with a lot of significant innovations and a tied integration between the two companies.

As a new  proof point, Cisco won a Best of VMworld 2010 award in the hardware virtualization category with the Cisco Nexus 7000 Overlay Transportation Virtualization  solution 

For  the last Cisco Daily Blogger Minute for VMworld 2010  I invited today our friends Stuart Miniman, Wikibon Senior Analyst  and VMware Ernesto Tey to join Cisco JMichel Metz to talk about the importance of the partner ecosystem that Cisco and VMware are creating and the results in terms of innovation, and integration 

In terms of innovations, and partnership between Cisco and VMware , here are a couple of  recent announcements from Cisco  that you want to consider 

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Cisco and VMware:More sophisticated tools for virtualization and cloud

September 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm PST

A large crowd gathered again this morning under a blue sky in the Moscone Center in San Francisco to listen to VMware Paul Maritz and later in the morning Cisco Ed Bugnion key notes sessions for VMworld 2010 . Cisco Omar Sultan and Brian Gracely, as well as VMware Ernesto Tey  talked tonight about theses sessions,  the announcements made by both companies, including the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway , and the need for more sophisticated tools expressed by the customers

On the Cisco booth, located at the entrance of the exhibit Hall, the activities didn’t stop with an impressive series of presentations from customers such as General Electric and from Cisco partners 
Don’t hesitate  also  to stop by , to talk with the owners of the  19 demos that Cisco is presenting, as we did with Salomon Lopez who summarized for us  in one minute his solution : Related to the VMware announcement, Cisco was introducing  today the integration between VMware vCloud Services Director and the Cisco Nexus 1000V- 


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Security in a Virtual World: Cisco Virtual Security Gateway for Nexus 1000V

September 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm PST


At VMworld yesterday, Ed Bugnion introduced our Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) for Nexus 1000V, which led to an avalanche of questions.  There is only so much you can do 140 characters at a time, so I thought this might work a bit better.  And, for those of you who weren’t at VMworld, here are answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

So, a bit of context first…


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VMworld 2010 – A different crowd

August 31, 2010 at 12:00 pm PST

Our favorite bloggers are back for a new Cisco Daily Blogger Techminute  . Cisco Omar Sultan and Brian Gracely shared today their first impressions on VMworld2010 with VMware Ernesto Tey


This fist day at VMworld has been extremely busy for our speaker team, but also  on the booth (#801) with a lot of interesting demos

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Using Professional Services to help you with Data Center Challenges – part 2

In my previous blog, I briefly introduced Cisco Services’s unique LifeCycle Services Methodology ( and talked about how Cisco’s Advanced Services Data Center Practice follows this unique methodology and practices to support the evolution of networks to business systems and ensure the most return from their IT investments. This LifeCycle Services Methodology helps customers Plan, Build and Run their IT infrastructure and the approach defines the minimum set of activities needed, by technology and by network complexity, to help customers successfully deploy and operate Cisco technologies and optimize their performance.

 Today, let me walk you through in detail about the Lifecycle services methodology and how these phases help our customers get Ready, Better and Smarter as their IT infrastructure evolves.

 Cisco services are built and delivered around the network lifecycle consisting of the following phases:  Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize.  Each phase consists of its own distinct characteristics and purpose and each service developed inside Cisco by its Product Management (Advanced Services and Technical Services) team maps to one or more of these phases. These services are offered as a standard packaged offering or a customized offering to tailor each customer’s unique requirement.

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