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Cisco at EMC World: Joint Solutions and Unified Data Center

Elvis may have left the building, but Cisco is just arriving to Booth 402 at EMC World. There’s a lot to learn and see, here are some highlights from the Unified Data Center point of view.

Session Title: Transforming Data Center Storage Networks to the Cloud
Speaker: Dr. J Michel Metz, Product Manager, Cisco and Josh Mello, Solutions Technical Marketing, EMC
Date/Time: Monday, May 21, 2012, 4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.

Hint: Scan the conference for Dr. J Metz

Hint: Scan the conference for Dr. J Metz

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Public Cloud with Confidence

The benefits of public cloud are so tempting that many organizations have been quick to adopt; only to find out of the downsides and risks the hard way—being confronted by them!  The list of potential risks can get long and include alarming items like lackluster performance, costs considerably higher than expected, and the ever looming security violations.

So how does one move to adopt public cloud services, gaining the benefits while minimizing the risk?  Caveat emptor, buyer beware, is a good start place.  Cloud promises come fast and furiously.  You need to make the time and devote the effort to understanding and documenting your needs and expectations.  Then compare these to the array of promises and develop a guiding roadmap for public cloud adopting. Read More »

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Is VDI right for your BYOD requirements?

Gone are the days when an employee would be issued a single desktop computer to use for all work-related tasks. The bring your own device, or BYOD revolution is being driven by an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed workforce that want to use their device of choice for personal and work related activities. Organizations today depend increasingly on offsite knowledge workers, independent contractors, consultants, distributed call centers, and globe-traveling executives to operate successfully. Not only do those workers demand remote access, they want that access from a growing array of devices—from laptops and ultrabooks, to tablets and smartphones.


The good news is that IT today has options for addressing these challenges. There are two distinct options for implementing a BYOD strategy: to “go native” or to virtualize. Do you go for a native solution, in which applications and data reside on the actual devices? Or do you go for a virtualized solution, where applications and data reside in the data center with access being provided through a virtual desktop? Cisco’s BYOD and VXI Smart Solutions address these models respectively.

Although native deployments make good sense in many cases—such as in limited-access scenarios that support select applications like email, calendaring, the Intranet and certain mobile or SaaS applications—there are many scenarios where a full desktop and application experience is critical.

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Summary: The Eye in the Sky is Watching Us All

Follow my adventures at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans including a winning streak, decadent meals and life-long memories. Find out how technlogy innovation is impacting the gaming industry, using Tatts Group as an example of what is possible.

Read the full article, The Eye in the Sky is Watching us All (yup, a nice throwback to the legendary movie, Casino)

Cisco SAP Competence Center

Yesterday I met Michael Missbach, Phd.,  who is the head of the SAP Competence Center based in Germany.

Michael who is the author and co-author  of numerous books on the SAP environment .
He used to be  a senior consultant at the SAP-HP International Competence Center in Walldorf, Germany, specializing in IT infrastructure solutions.  He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in material science from the University of Karlsrühe, Germany.

Dr. Michael Missbach in-depth knowledge of the SAP environment is providing a tremendous value to the Cisco team running SAP on Cisco Unified Computing Center, providing more insights  of the SAP Customers care abouts , and better understanding of the SAP HANA technology .

Today he will talk at 12:00 pm EST in the “analytics” area at SAPPHIRE 2012

Abstract: This session offers real world experiences with HANA implementation and first hand results for HANA scale-out solutions on the Cisco Unified Computing System with Intelligent Intel® Xeon® Processors server platform and why this solution offers a competitive advantage to your business. Learn what customers are really asking for in regard to HANA and why it is important to provide the right solution to lower TCO.

I asked him to share with us what we can expect from this sessions

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