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Congratulations on your hot new project! It is critical to your organization expanding its revenue base; it’s top of mind for your manager and the CIO. What’s that? You did all the planning, but you can’t start for four weeks? Oh, right—that’s how long IT needs to get you the necessary infrastructure resources.

Let’s change the perspective. YOU’RE the head of IT. The hot new project is critical to your organization. People want to start now but with all these manual processes your team needs four weeks. Your customers are frustrated. What’s the answer?

Cisco understands the impact of a delay like this on your organization, and we have the solution.

By replacing manual processes with unified automation and management across virtualization, compute, network, and storage, Cisco UCS Director gives you the speed you need. With the 4.1 version, Cisco UCS Director has deepened its infrastructure management capabilities.  With deeper support for FlexPod, Vblock, VSPEX, VNX and VNX2, Nexus (including the new Nexus 9000), UCS Manager and Central, Cisco UCS Director is continuing to increase the efficiency of your IT staff across a broader range of infrastructure components.   This link will provide more details on the latest release.

To learn more about Cisco UCS Director, watch this video.  

Does Cisco UCS Director really make a major difference? Yes, and in more ways than picking up the pace. Customers frequently comment on the following:

Here are some next steps to take. Register for a live demo and ask our technical experts questions. The next demo is Wednesday, February 5th and they run bi-weekly. Download the latest version of Cisco UCS Director and try it free for 30 days.

Your new project is critical to your organization expanding its revenue base.  So ask yourself, “Can my hot new project really wait or would I rather start now?”

Cisco UCS Director lines up IT with your business and eliminates the time waiting.

Now go kick-off that project.

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