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Today you are one happy data center manager, because you just made the perfect hire. Your new operations staffer is savvy, with extensive networking knowledge and experience with some of the largest, most sophisticated, and most secure networks in the world. This guy knows the network like the back of his hand. And he’s a demon in the data center: he can optimize data center operations task by task, almost minute by minute. He can predict problems and pre-empt them. It’s as though he is one with your data center and your network.

Actually, he is your data center and your network—with Cisco Intelligent Automation.

Okay, you say, everyone knows that automation is a good thing. It frees highly skilled IT staff from essential but time-consuming routine maintenance tasks and processes, which typically consume from 70% to 80% of an organization’s IT operational expense, allowing them instead to concentrate on innovation and creating new business value. Automation captures best practices, domain knowledge, and analytics and transforms them into repeated processes triggered by policy and defined events, thus improving efficiency, response time, compliance, visibility, and business continuity. So what’s so special about this Intelligent Automation?

Cisco Intelligent Automation embeds domain knowledge, analytics, and best practices into the network that connects every aspect of your business. It is one with the infrastructure. Think about it. The network is the ideal platform for automation IT operations, not only because the network touches and connects every part of your business, but also because it can capture events and information close to the source, enabling rapid, precise response to events and changes. This network-centric approach to intelligent automation takes advantage of the network’s ability to sense and control data center and IT operations.  It also delivers the benefits of Cisco’s innate strengths, including:

So Cisco Intelligent Automation provides the ideal foundation to grow your business, capturing best practices and driving efficiencies and innovation across every aspect of your business by harnessing the network as a powerful business platform.  It provides rapid, precise response to changes in your business and technology. This dramatically improves operational efficiency, mitigates risk, improves return on IT investments while lowering OPEX, ensures security and compliance, and frees resources for innovation and growth. So congratulate yourself on your new hire.  And then go take the afternoon off. Your new team member will handle things.

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