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“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” -- Mark Twain

Lately I’ve been seeing some interesting parallels between the nascent formation of the Intercloud and the formation of the Internet itself. Not one-to-one matches, by any means, but most definitely some of the same elements are appearing in the Cloud Computing ecosphere that once helped build the Internet. Specifically, I see three key initiatives that have an analog in the Internet’s past:

Of course, the order in which these things are appearing, and the effect that they will ultimately contribute to the creation of an Intercloud--assuming one in fact is created--varies greatly from its ancestor. However, I recently saw a post that I thought was incredibly striking given these observations. The post was an open letter to Barak Obama’s team from newly appointed InfoWorld cloud blogger, William Hurley, calling for the creation of a public cloud infrastructure for academia and research.

Wow. Where have I heard that one before? It almost rhymes…

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  1. James, this reminds me of a TED talk by Kevin Kelly – Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web””. He predicts that the Internet will evolve into one giant cloud computer. When it is put this way, it is a win-win situation to work together on Cloud Computing standards, just as it was during the days of the ARPANet.”


  2. Is cloud computing research as US centric as ARPAnet was? The list of universities and firms you give seems to suggest so, but that would be surprising. (I’m not saying you’re deliberately ignoring non-US players, just wondering who those would be).


  3. I think that you’ve hit upon an important paradigm shift – the ascendancy of connected applications and data and the mainstreaming of the network.In reality, applications and data have always been what really mattered, but the networking piece was still quite time- and resource-intensive to implement, and so a lot of the focus of technical folks was on connectivity. Now that there’s a somewhat mature (spotty, incomplete, somewhat creaky, heh), semi-ubiquitous connectivity model in place to leverage, we’re starting to see the focus shift away from the connectivity itself onto how apps/data can truly leverage that connectivity.


  4. How do you configure a Cisco switch to work with Eucalyptus and is dynamic vlans?


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