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Happy Birthday to Online Gaming, a day late, many dollars short, and their name is MUD

I just read what I thought was a very interesting write-up on the evolution of online gaming. As someone who played MUDs, tried to write and code for one once, dabbled with games like Galactic Empire on 1200bps dial-up BBS systems, then evolved to Ultima Online, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Warhammer Age of Reckoning, and then back to World of Warcraft with the add-ons… yep, am a bit of a gamer. In fact sitting on my desktop is the link to WoW Burning Crusade.But what started it all, was the Multi-User Dungeon. I played on one in college off of the DUC VAX named Mallard at Auburn University. But that was years after this one first came up, MUD-1. A good read…, these are a wonderful driver of Internet and Data Center architectures and bandwidth….

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