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Fast Data: A Brief Analysis of Trends

- April 12, 2012 - 0 Comments

Data is one of your most important assets. Fast Data implies real-time analytics – the ability to analyze your business and marketplace in real-time.  Fast Data can give you significant competitive advantage by helping you to predict and respond to situations instantaneously. Today we announced [1] that the combination of Cisco UCS and Actian Vectorwise Analytical Database can provide such capability at much lower cost of ownership than traditional solutions. Demonstrated by industry standard TPC-H publications, the extreme performance is coming from the ability of Vectorwise to scale extremely well in multi-core environments and effective caching of large data sets enabled by Cisco UCS extended memory technology eliminating IO bottlenecks.

These two benchmark results achieved the best performance and price-performance for 2-socket servers in 100GB [2] and 300GB [3] scale factors, new additions to our 60+ world record performance records on Cisco UCS since its introduction just three years ago.

Let us look at some historical trends in application performance. In a paper titled Transaction Performance vs. Moore’s Law: A Trend Analysis [4] my colleague and I demonstrated that transaction performance trend over the past 20 years has amazingly been in line with Moore’s law (See Chart 1). Here the composite Query-per-Hour of 332,481 at 100GB scale factor for example shows greater than 200 times improvement in performance in 10 years for 2-socket servers, far better than Moore’s law as shown in chart 2. Will these trends continue unabated ? Likely for the foreseeable future with all the enhancements in hardware and software architectures …

Chart 1:  Average transactions-per-minute per processor vs. Moore’s Law

Chart 2: Average TPCH queries-per-hour @100GB for 2-socket servers vs. Moore’s Law

[1] Actian Delivers Record-Breaking Performance on Cisco Unified Computing System:

[2] Cisco UCS C250 M2 Extended-Memory Server,  332,481 QphH, $0.15 USD/QphH@100GB, Available on 2/12/2012.

[3] Cisco UCS C250 M2 Extended-Memory Server,  331,658 QphH, $0.34 USD/QphH@300GB. Available on 2/12/2012.

For most recent information please visit

[4] R. Nambiar, M. Poess, Transaction Performance vs. Moore’s Law: A Trend Analysis:


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