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Cisco pushes network to deliver apps

So Networkers Barcelona is in full swing, and Cisco and partners are making their announcements.What does Cisco have to say about the hot “application delivery” market? Some pretty interesting things, actually.Like adding app smarts to your routers and switches, and then tying them to your app switches and WAN optim, actually gives you an end 2 end solution (we call it an “application delivery network”). And more bang for your application buck.And then there’s the new products we’re announcing — like new virtualized app switching in a sub-$16K USD appliance form factor (the ACE 4710 appliance). And WAN optimization for the remote user, via desktop software client — called WAAS Mobile.Here’s what one European attending publication had to say about Cisco at the event: most interesting is what the software vendors themselves say about what Cisco can do for their customers’ apps + networks: Stay tuned for more to come. Or share your experience with application delivery products and deployments with a posting back…

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