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Did I tell you that we have a contest currently underway?  In case you missed it,  you still have till midnight PST today to answer 5 easy questions with multiple choices. One correct answer makes you eligible to win an iPAD.

Questions this week are about Cisco ONE (Open Networking Environment ) -- Perfect timing as you are  maybe preparing your participation to Openstack Summit (we do!) in San Diego.  But even if you don’t plan to go,  I am sure that you heard about SDN -- Haven’t you?

OK,  here are the questions:

If you  know at least one answer , don’t hesitate  Go to and reply -- It only takes 5 minutes and you may win!

Here are some  hints to help you to have at least one correct answer and still be eligible for the raffle:

Question 1:  Just ignore the red stones and go where the Sun is
Question 2:  Really ? Google it
Question 3:  Where there is a will, there is a…
Question 4:  The more the better

I hope it helps!

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