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Last night we received the news that Cisco UCS Director (formerly Cloupia) won the product of the year award in the category of virtualization management by the SVC Awards. Each year SVC rewards the top products, projects, companies and teams operating in the cloud, virtualization and storage sectors. 

This SVC award provides validation of the leading data center infrastructure management capabilities of Cisco UCS Diector for both virtual as well as physical resources.    Cisco UCS Director is unique in the industry because it offers  the ability to manage compute, network and storage elements — to configure the storage volume, setup the SAN and IP networks, deploy the bare-metal server, and load a hypervisor or bare-metal operating system in a single operation — from a single pane of glass.   As a result, the solution automates the time consuming manual as well as complex processes that burden IT organizations today.

UCSD converged

Cisco UCS Director’s unified view to manage integrated infrastructure

Here are some of the reasons why Cisco UCS Director was nominated and won the award:

You can read about the award nomination here.    To learn more about Cisco UCS Director watch this video.  

Would like to see the product live?    Attend a live technical demo or register for a 60-day evaluation, visit here.

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