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Yesterday I met Michael Missbach, Phd.,  who is the head of the SAP Competence Center based in Germany.

Michael who is the author and co-author  of numerous books on the SAP environment .
He used to be  a senior consultant at the SAP-HP International Competence Center in Walldorf, Germany, specializing in IT infrastructure solutions.  He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate in material science from the University of Karlsrühe, Germany.

Dr. Michael Missbach in-depth knowledge of the SAP environment is providing a tremendous value to the Cisco team running SAP on Cisco Unified Computing Center, providing more insights  of the SAP Customers care abouts , and better understanding of the SAP HANA technology .

Today he will talk at 12:00 pm EST in the “analytics” area at SAPPHIRE 2012

Abstract: This session offers real world experiences with HANA implementation and first hand results for HANA scale-out solutions on the Cisco Unified Computing System with Intelligent Intel® Xeon® Processors server platform and why this solution offers a competitive advantage to your business. Learn what customers are really asking for in regard to HANA and why it is important to provide the right solution to lower TCO.

I asked him to share with us what we can expect from this sessions

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