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Selected from hundreds of entries from around the world, Cisco customers King County and Almaviva TSF met the stringent criteria defined by Computerworld, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), and Storage Networking World (SNW) for awards in the following categories:

1)  Best Practices in Energy Efficiency, Green Computing and the Data Center:

King County -- Office of Information Resource Management (OIRM) -- Seattle, Washington

2) Best Practices in Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Almaviva Tele Sistemi Ferroviari (TSF) -- Rome, Italy

 About our customers:
King County, the 14th largest county in the United States, used the Nexus platform and MDS switches to build a highly efficient data center shared by all departments. To learn more about how they achieved a green environment, read here.

 Almaviva Tele Sistemi Ferroviari (TSF) is one of the leading providers of ICT services to the transport and logistics industries in Italy.  Alberto Giaccone, head of network operations at TSF, was present for the awards ceremony.  To learn t how TSF transformed its business model deploying Cisco data center best practices, read here.                                                 

Almaviva TSF Results:
 Revenues from new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings for Almaviva TSF are slated to grow to 2-3 percent of total revenues in the first year

 King County Results:

“Cisco Nexus and MDS switches helped us create a clean network architecture that simplifies troubleshooting and gives us the ability to respond quickly to each department’s changing business needs.”  Lori Dickneite, supervisor of engineering design for King County

 To learn more about Cisco Data Center Business Advantage, visit; for Unified Fabric, and for MDS storage switches,

 SNW Best Practices Awards -- Stage Photo


Tony Antony
Sr. Marketing Manager

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