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A New Years Challenge…

Happy New Year to everyone! Am sitting here in not-so-sunny Northern California watching storm after storm hit and it had me wondering about Disaster Recovery a bit. I love the fact that networks connect things and that distance = options where DR is concerned. How far apart should data centers be? How far do you usually deploy them? We all understand the issues related to SCSI timeouts and synchronous replication of storage that gates teh maximum distance for synchronous replication to the 100-200km range depending on your application.Is it easible that companies will tier applications and dynamically move their primary execution location based on pending known natural disasters?Is it feasible that a brownout scenario or possibility of rolling-blackouts on the power grid would be a reasonable leading indicator to trigger the movement of compute and storage resources from one location to another?What are the other challenges that you are encountering? Are their organizational barriers to this or is DR so ingrained now that it is purely an execution issue?dg

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