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A trend impacting Data Centers – “Consumerization of IT”

- November 4, 2011 - 0 Comments

In my previous blog, I had written about the use of mobile applications in the data center.  Since then, I understand there is a new application for monitoring Cisco UCS on the Blackberry Playbook .  Is this a trend?  Is this a trend towards mobility or is it a trend towards consumerization of the work place?  Yet another term I have heard is “Prosumerization” of the Enterprise.  No matter which term is used by authors, the underlying shift is towards a simpler, user friendly approach to getting work done.  If that means using smart phones, then so be it.  Unlike my generation of workers, willing to put up with circuitous and acrobatic maneuvers to get things done, the younger generation is used to simpler interfaces and they are demanding the same from enterprise systems.

My one and a half year old niece who has grown accustomed to using iPhone Facetime to chat with my kids grimaced and acted surprised when she heard my daughter on the phone and did not see her face on a screen. I vividly recall having to wait patiently for hours to receive a subscriber trunk dialing call in order to talk to my parents when I was in college. The point is that we now have relatively sophisticated networks and tools, and user expectations are very high.  Enterprise users expect their tools to just work, like cars and smart phones (have you read the iPhone manual?). There is also an expectation that the network is always on and can stream high resolution video.

Do you use your personal phone to access your work email?  The line between work and home has blurred for most of us.  Thanks to the network, we work from our home offices and with colleagues half way round the world at odd times of the day. No wonder we like to use the same tools and gadgets we are familiar with.

Prosumerization has extended beyond basic tools and led Dr. Don Ferguson, CTO of CA Technologies to proclaim, “Video Killed the Radio Star and Cloud Computing Will Kill the Programming Star.”   He predicts that configuration/form based technology and prebuilt modules/APIs will allow non-programmers to implement 99.9% of all cloud applications.  He refers to a paradigm called end-user programming which could transform society. I am looking forward to listen to what he has to say at the CA World conference in Las Vegas Nov 13-16.

This trend could not have taken root without a powerful communication network for phones or data network for cloud computing. Cisco VP Marie Hattar, will present the keynote on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at CA World – The Intelligent Network: The Innovation Engine for Your Organization. In my view this is poetic justice for all that the network has already enabled, and will enable in the future.  Will you be joining us at CA World 2011?  Come check out our Cisco UCS and WAAS demos.


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