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Last week, I introduced my concept of the 3 C’s of Cloud: Confine, Clover, and Cost and began outlining a simple strategy for maximizing your benefits during the process of adopting a cloud solution by confining the scope of your business problems. What comes next?

Let’s now talk about the second of my “C” concepts—Clover.

Before you can ‘roll in the clover’ of a successful cloud implementation you need to address one of the most common pitfalls to success: failing to build an appropriate business justification for migrating to cloud. If you enter the process with the attitude that “I’ll just experiment with this new Cloud thing and see what happens; maybe it will give me what I need,” you may not end up ‘in clover’ but in the weeds. So, what do you need to do?

Take the time to clearly define your business justification for migrating to a cloud solution by assessing these key elements:

Now that that you understand the importance of defining scope and success parameters (Confine & Clover, respectively) for you cloud strategy, you are ready for my next blog on Cost (Coming next week), which will show you how defining your scope and success can help to reduce hidden costs associated with Cloud.

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