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To help us understand what business executives think about ‘the cloud’ and the impact of cloud collaboration to their businesses, we asked Forbes Insights to conduct research.  In response, Forbes surveyed over 500 senior executives from global companies with sales ranging from $250 million to over $20 billion, and interviewed 15 executives.  The study examined the ways business executives increasingly look at cloud collaboration as a way to increase productivity, accelerate business results, and enhance innovation and collaboration across borders and functions. We weren’t surprised by the positive response to cloud, but some new and very interesting findings opened our eyes.

The survey results show that cloud-based collaboration acts as a significant enabler of business success which is exactly what our customers tell us on a daily basis. Clouds accelerate the roll-out of collaborative technologies such as voice, video, and conferencing so that companies can improve the efficiency of their decision-making and the quality of their customers’ experiences. As clouds and macroeconomic factors increase the speed of business and collaboration, businesses look to clouds as a means to gain a competitive edge.

Executives are maximizing collaboration by using cloud-based technologies with internal teams to extend meetings to include remote participants and virtual teams, enable remote and mobile workers “as if in the office”, and incorporate video into meetings.  Then they extend that cloud-based collaboration externally so they can also collaborate more effectively with customers, suppliers, and partners to improve their supply chain efficiency and time to market.  The ability to collaborate effectively is a key driver of competitive advantage.

Let’s take a look at some specific findings:

I encourage you to dive into the detail of the Forbes Insights’ study “Collaborating in the Cloud ” now. Consider how cloud collaboration can be an integral part of your company’s strategy.


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