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Last week during Interop Las Vegas, I was able to witness and participate in all sorts of conversations about virtualization, and its effect on the way we deploy, deliver and consume applications and services.

Virtualization itself is not a new topic, but given the way our environment has been shaping lately, it is becoming more and more relevant. In this new world we all carry multiple devices, we are always on the move, and the definition whether the app we are using is running from the cloud or from our devices is increasingly irrelevant.

Users do not care about the technology, or the role of virtualization or cloud, as long as they have access to the applications and data they need, whenever they need it. We sometimes think the users should care, but in reality, it is IT that should care, and not the users. And that is a big distinction.

This of course is not a surprise, but I perceived a sense of impatience and even annoyance from some of the users that I was able to question about this matter. I got a really clear message that whatever is the future of the desktop--or the workspace as more and more people refer to it, should be delivered to them soon.

As for the important characteristics of this workspace, from the users’ perspective:


To summarize my learning from Interop Las Vegas, I would say that just like with other technologies, Desktop or Workspace virtualization is a journey, a very interesting one. Users seem to be ready and the technology foundation is already available, but the real question is if IT is ready. The delivery of the unified workspace requires breaking silos within many IT organizations, in the same way convergence did over 10 years ago.  And just like with convergence, the savings, increased productivity and the capability to enable new and exciting services to all users, so they can work their way, is in front of us. It is a journey all right, but we can start that journey today.

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  1. Mobilya �r??

    Nice :)


  2. Roberto – great post, thanks.

    To take it one step further, the “Unified Workspace” will provide a consistent user experience across all popular OS’s and devices. Which means that it will most definitely be different from the current Microsoft-only enterprise desktop environment (and associated constrains) we have today.

    This is quite refreshing.


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