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Spark It Up! Quick Video Tutorials to Get Started with Cisco Spark

- October 5, 2016 - 8 Comments

I’ve been a Cisco Spark user since it was first rolled out as Project Squared back in March 2015. It took a little time to transition from my traditional work styles such as email and instant messaging. But not long. I quickly realized how much easier it is to use one platform that delivers the ability to:

  • Have 1:1 chats
  • Create persistent team spaces where we can work on projects
  • Enable video meetings and calls
  • Keep up-to-date on all my projects
  • Stay informed with information and people, even from beyond Cisco

The whole idea of Cisco Spark is to make teamwork easier. It brings everyone and everything together so teams can move faster.  It’s more than business messaging. It provides a full suite of services including meetings and calling.

With Spark, I’m never more than one click from collaborating with my team. I can make or receive voice and video calls, join meetings, schedule meetings, and more. And I always have the historical context of interactions through shared files and persistent message logs.

With Spark, I can collaborate with anyone using e-mail addresses. Cisco Spark is one app where I can work with my team from any device, wherever I am.

Within my department, a few of my favorite Spark team spaces are:

  • Breaking News keeps me informed of current articles about our products
  • Water Cooler helps me find out what is happening in our organization. And it has helped me build relationships with team members who work remotely or are based in other countries
  • Collaboration Internal Announcements keeps me in touch with the needs of our sales team so we can make them more successful

Now it’s your turn. Check out some of these introduction videos to see how you can get started with Cisco Spark. Then? Get started.

Welcome to Spark

There’s no time than the present to start using Cisco Spark and begin adapting to the new collaborative style of working. The experience is like walking into a room with co-workers.

Ready, Set, Go! Set up Cisco Spark

Start by registering for Cisco Spark, open the welcome email, and download the application to your computer and mobile device. From there you can sync Spark with an IP phone, Spark-enabled meeting rooms endpoints, and personalize your profile settings.

A Day in the Life

You may ask how do people know how to reach me? It’s easy. Here’s an example of a day in a life of a Cisco Spark user so you can see how Cisco Spark simplifies workflows. One of my favorite things about Cisco Spark is the flexibility it provides. I can communicate, share content, and have video-enabled meetings interchangeably on any device. Between meetings, we can continue the dialog and share content in dedicated Cisco Spark team spaces.

How To: Cisco Spark Meetings Tab

Using the Meetings Tab lets me view upcoming meetings that automatically sync to my devices. I tap on the meeting to see the invite or simply hit the join button to launch the meeting. There’s no excuse not to attend a meeting and meet face-to-face.

So what are you waiting for? Download Cisco Spark today and let me know what you think.

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    Great videos! Really enjoyed them and that last video was a real eye-opener with the transition from Spark to WebEx with one touch. I'll need to start scheduling more meetings with @spark and @webex.

  1. Can we have these in Spanish please! Great stuff

    • Hello - Thank you everyone for the feedback. We will be rolling out another blog with additional Spark videos around mobility. Stay tuned... I don't believe these videos are available in Spanish, however I will double check. Aleisha

  2. Great to see our videos in a blog. I like how you organized the content and provided summaries of each video.

    Very helpful, thanks for posting

    I really enjoyed the video on Cisco Sparks - this is something I will definitely bring up to my team to look into for possible future use....will make a great fit....ALL IN ONE!

    Really enjoyed the videos° Great Job! Thanks!

    These videos are very helpful. Concise but with enough information to have a working understanding of Spark. Thank you!