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Mac’s Coming to an Enterprise Near You

Post by M. Michael Acosta, Manager, EngineeringMac users everywhere are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Macworld Expo. As a prelude, this week published their set of predictions for 2008. One prediction in particular resonated with what I’m seeing at some of our customers and within Cisco. MacWorld senior editor Dan Frakes wrote:”A new Mac market: The debut of Leopard, along with a general dissatisfaction with Windows Vista, will open doors for the Mac in the enterprise market. In fact, we’ll see a few major U.S. companies switch to the Mac platform-¬Ěsome gradually, but at least a couple in a major public migration. We’ll also see a resurgence of the Mac platform in higher education.”Just a few years ago within Cisco, Macs were conspicuous mostly in their absence. Today, it is not unusual to find an increasing number of Apple logos across from me in meetings. For the first time in quite a while, Macs are again an orderable laptop option for Cisco employees. Read More »

Resolve to Help Your Co-workers Stay Organized in 2008

Post by Michael Caton, Collaboration Evangelist, WebExMost businesses have wrapped up setting 2008 business goals and the methods and plans necessary to achieve those goals. For those that will spend the last couple weeks of the year wrapping up expenses and planning purchases, this time of year can also provide an opportunity to think about new work habits that will help reach those goals. Last year Butler Group authored a study on worker time spent searching for information. Per this Network World article about the study, Butler Group found the cost of searching for information in lost productivity to be equivalent to 10% of a worker’s salary. So reflecting on the day-to-day reality of 2007 can help identify and put in perspective where workers burn more cycles than they need to, including time spent searching in email for files coworkers sent. Read More »

Is Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) part of your Unified Communications strategy?

Post by Priten Gandecha, Solutions Marketing Manager for Cisco Unified CommunicationsFixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) brings together wired and wireless technologies in The Workspace. For industry constituents who are enthusiastic about FMC technologies and its promise, it stirs up a great deal of excitement and is a topic of spirited debates amongst advocates of different FMC technology approaches. Customers interested in the promise of FMC have the opportunity to evaluate multiple options and choose a strategy best suited for their current and future business needs. A European Fixed Mobile Convergence survey conducted by Yankee Group found that customers have not shown dominant procurement preference amongst various FMC infrastructure or hardware vendors, application or independent software vendors, mobile carriers, fixed carriers, device vendors, or system integrators. One possible explanation could be that the”one size fits all” approach does not fit everyone and building a FMC strategy on one technology component is potentially incomplete. A comprehensive FMC strategy requires coherent evaluation of multiple wireless and wired workspaces. Read More »

Once You’ve UCed with Rich Media, How Are You Going to Keep ‘em on the Email/Text Farm?

(part 1 of a 2-part series)I was having dinner this weekend with a friend of mine who is an entrepreneur and true science fiction aficionado. A few cups into the evening, we moved into a discussion of how much of the technology envisaged into the Star Trek television series as well as the Star Wars movies has come to fruition. Not one to argue with someone holding a light saber — even if is a $40 toy -I gave him his due: most of the communications technologies used on the original television series has shown up in some form in commercialized offerings. Or as Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone noted:”Science fiction is the improbable made possible”: -- The”communicator” from the original show gave life to the original Motorola StarTac -- -- Lieutenant Uhura’s wireless headset showed up as the now ubiquitous Bluetooth headset, best evidenced by the Jawbone -- The teleportation and video technologies shown in most science fiction are melded into the newest Telepresence offerings from Cisco and video products from other players. In fact, Sci-Fi fans, the recent introduction of On-Stage Telepresence, adding a 3D image next to our CEO during a recent keynote in India, showed the entire world that George Lucas was probably onto to something 30 years ago when he took us into a movie far, far away. Read More »

Whether it’s dog food or champagne, it still tastes good!

Post by David Hsieh, Director of Solutions Marketing for Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group.One of things I like best about Cisco is that we really use the stuff we sell. Some might call it”eating our own dog food” and the more effete might say”drinking our own Champagne” but either way, we do it and do it a lot. I thought it might be interesting to highlight a couple of examples:One month ago today, Cisco announced the Cisco I-Prize, a global competition that uses web collaboration and the power of the Human Network to find Cisco’s next Emerging Technology business. This competition is open to anyone with a good idea who is interested in teaming with like minded innovators to grow a huge business leveraging Cisco’s resources. Through 3 rounds of competition, contestants will use collaboration technologies like Wikis, WebEx and TelePresence to exchange ideas, form teams, refine their business plans and present to Cisco judges. The winners will join Cisco as founders of a new Emerging Technology business unit. And everything will take place virtually through the collaborative magic of Cyberspace. So, what’s happened so far? Read More »