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We All Have Something to Teach or Share

Fred Mednick, the founder of Teachers Without Borders, shares an experience to show that no matter what a person does for a living, they have something to teach or share with another individual.Visit the Pass the Ball site to share and grow your own ideas to make them LeAnne Schrotzberger, public relations manager, Cisco Corporate Communications

The Future of Enterprise Computing and Collaboration

by Alan Cohen, vice president, Cisco Enterprise Marketing

Collaboration Trends from Interop

Watch Tom Wesselman, manager of software development for Cisco Unified Communications, and Tugba Goksel, integrated marketing for Cisco Unified Communications, discuss next generation architectures for collaboration and a few of the exciting trends from this year’s Interop show.Find out more about the Cisco Collaboration Community

Business With the WebEx App on the iPhone Will Never Be the Same

I love the WebEx conferencing application for the iPhone. It makes my life easier by marketing itself. People download it, demo it to their friends, and bingo – their friends download it too.There are now over 100,000 WebEx Meeting Center on the iPhone downloads from the AppStore across 62 countries. Also, we are seeing the WebEx App on the iPhone in the most unexpected places. Just last week, a colleague of mine told me that Costco in the Bay Area was selling the “iPhone App Directory” catalog which includes review of over 250 iPhone apps. In the catalog, the WebEx for the iPhone app was features with a 5-star rating — the highest possible rating. Read More »

Cisco WebEx Interactive Features Form Core of Cisco’s Largest Virtual Training Deployment

A new case study from Cisco-on-Cisco describes how WebEx interactive features engaged the company’s global salesforce during training for an important corporate initiative and formed the core of Cisco’s largest virtual training deployment: Late in 2008, Cisco’s entire global sales organization was asked to embrace a new company-wide operational initiative called the Integrated Selling Process (ISP). For the ISP adoption to be successful, efficient and timely process and system training was required across Cisco’s sales organization, from upper management down, in five global theaters. The ISP project is the largest virtual training deployment in Cisco’s history. In addition to English, the training materials were created in eight other languages. Moreover, the training was completed in all five theaters within an unprecedented 48 business days, from the first training sessions in January 2009 to completion of virtual sessions for all 6000 initially targeted users at the end of March. by LeAnne Schrotzberger, public relations manager, Cisco Corporate Communications