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Bridging the gap between email and social collaboration

This new Harris Poll shows that corporate email needs to evolve. Another interesting takeaway for me was based on the following:

1.  Social collaboration tools are on the rise in the workplace.  Of those people who use these tools at work, 59% say that their usage has increased over the last year. 

2.  91% of respondents say that email remains their most frequently used tool for inter- and intra-company collaboration.

These two points (greater use of social software together and strong continued use of email) is hard to reconcile given that email and Web 2.0 collaboration still sit in separate silos. Cars have “crumple zones” to absorb the impact of opposing forces; sadly, the crumple zone here is user satisfaction and efficiency.

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Raj Patel, Cisco’s New Vice President of Collaboration Software Group Technical Operations

At Cisco, the Collaboration Software Group (CSG) is currently focused on driving a business plan to achieve rapid growth of our core businesses – meetings, enterprise IM, and hosted mail while positioning Cisco for new business models and new opportunities in the collaboration space.  Advances in infrastructure and operations are an absolute necessity to accelerate and win in this market.

Today, we are pleased to announce and welcome Raj Patel to Cisco as our new Vice President, CSG Technical Operations.

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A Day in the Life with Cisco Collaboration: Demonstrating how technology impacts performance

A recently released demo video from Cisco has generated tremendous interest from collaboration professionals on our website and is now posted on YouTube as well.  It’s called a Day in the Life of a Sales Professional.  In the video we hear a self-narrated 4 minute scenario in the life of a go-getter – Steve – who utilizes collaboration tools from Cisco to win business for his company and deliver results for his customer.

What makes the demo scenario interesting is that rather than describing Cisco collaboration technologies or solutions, the scenario plays up how it makes an organization successful. A host of Cisco solutions, from Cisco Unified Communications to Cisco WebEx solutions to Cisco TelePresence, make timely appearances to string the story along.

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Collaboration Nations

As collaboration continues to change the way we do business, today we’re announcing the results of some third-party global research that looks at trends in the collaboration space.

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Speech Self Service Is Something to Consider

by John Hernandez, vice president and general manager, Cisco Customer Contact Business Unit

A well thought-out speech self service strategy can offload work from live agents, thereby lowering costs, and even increase customer and agent satisfaction. The concept—and technology—have been around for a number of years and usage is growing.

Customers calling from mobile phones in moving cars, where one is not supposed to be pressing buttons, for example, offer a great opportunity for use of this technology. Address changes are another scenario where pressing buttons just won’t work.  It also helps eliminate issues like customer key entry inaccuracies.

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