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Flick of the Wrist at Cisco with our Director of User-Centered Design

I was over in Building 31 the other day and was about to meet with Cordell Ratzlaff, Director of Cisco’s User-Centered Design Team in the Voice Technology Group when I saw him take his iPhone and flick his wrist at his computer. I started wondering what could he be doing? So with my ready-to-shoot Flip Mino HD video camera already in hand I walked into Ratzlaff’s office to record this interesting feature. While walking across campus, Cordell was finishing up on a WebEx meeting on his iPhone but when he got to his office he wanted the benefits of the large size of his desktop screen so with the flick of his wrist he transferred the WebEx meeting to his desktop.

View the video and let me know what you think or if you have any other cool features you’d like to share.

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The Changing Face of Customer Collaboration

Cisco recently co-sponsored a survey which asked over 1800 consumers from six countries (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Australia) a set of questions focused on their perceptions of Speech Recognition and Self-Service as used for customer care. Although this is the third annual edition of the survey, this year marks the first time consumers were asked about the different channels they use to contact a business or organization for customer service.I was struck by the result that 44 per cent of the consumers surveyed said that they use online methods first (e.g., the web, e-mail, user forums, click-to-chat, etc.) to obtain customer service, whereas only 20 per cent said that they would choose the phone first. Even more striking, 52 per cent of respondents in the 16 to 34 age bracket (the new generation of consumers) indicated preference for using online methods first.By Murali SitaramVice President and General Manager, Cisco Customer Contact Center Business Unit Read More »

Just Telecommute

How would the BART strike affect you? If you haven’t heard, people who work in the San Francisco Bay Area will possibly be dealing with nightmarish commutes come Monday morning. One of the largest pieces of our public transit system, BART, is set to go on strike, shutting down much of the rail access to San Francisco and surrounding areas. Read More »

Telecommuting Made Easy

Thinking a bout the possibility of a BART strike, I got to thinking about telecommuting and other flexible work situations. I am a full time telecommuter, as are several of my colleagues. For example, a salesperson must be very flexible, and be able to work in a hotel room, at an airport terminal, sometimes even in the car (not while driving, hopefully). There are many job situations in which workers need or simply want to work remotely, saving travel time and costs, or to be able to meet with the right people at a time that works for them. Read More »

Virtual Roundtables at Cisco Live 2009

At Cisco Live 2009 we hosted a series of virtual roundtables with executives, analysts and press around key topics. The goal was to use our collaboration solutions to give remote attendees the ability to engage with our executive team in an interactive online environment. Read More »