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Creative Use Cases of WebEx in the Commonwealth of Independent States

There are so many interesting and engaging ways that people around the world use Cisco’s WebEx technology. While I use WebEx every day for web-based business meetings, WebEx can be used for much more. I heard about these educational efforts from my PR colleague in Russia.

Last November, the Russian educational news portal set up a series of seminars for young designers and architects. The Cisco Russian PR team worked to get a commitment from a group of local colleagues to convert these seminars into webinars using WebEx. Since then, three such events have been held, enabling more and more people to join them on each occasion. As a result, several dozen designers and architects from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Estonia, the UK, and Italy took part in these webinars.

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Cisco Delivers Hosted Collaboration Solution for Partners at Cisco Live 2010

This morning at Cisco Live 2010, the company’s foremost customer event, we announced the availability of the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, an offering that allows partners to provide a wide range of Cisco collaboration applications to their customers, via the cloud, using an “as a service” model. At our press conference this morning, Verizon Business announced that they have launched a field trial of this collaboration solution for business customers. European carriers Swisscom and Orange have started field tests of the new technology as well.

The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution relies on use of virtual machines to support user demand. Users of the service can decide whether to rely on on-premise servers or on cloud-based systems to support the collaboration services.

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Lights, Camera, Action!: Free Trial of Cisco Show and Share Webcasting and Video Sharing Platform P

More personalized than email and more meaningful than a phone call, Cisco believes secure desktop video is the wave of the  future for communication. One of our newest collaboration tools, Show and Share  (often called “YouTube for the Enterprise”) makes it easy to securely record, edit and share user-generated video content across your organization right from your desktop. Think of the possibilities. Instead of congratulating a direct report or fellow colleague on a job well done over email, why not send them something with a little more personality and zeal – a video of yourself sending a virtual high-five? Or instead of reading through a boring how-to document, wouldn’t it be better to watch a short video clip of one of your expert co-workers walking you through a step-by-step video demonstration?

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Where were you one billion minutes ago?

One billion minutes ago, the Roman Empire was flourishing in what is now Europe and the Han Dynasty was reigning in the current region of China. 

And last month, one billion minutes was collectively spent around the world to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners using the Cisco WebEx conferencing solutions. 

When WebEx started delivery of conferencing in 1999, many market-leading and industry-shaping firsts occurred, including:

  • First to deliver scaleable conferencing-as-a-service over the Internet
  • First to combine data sharing, audio and video into a single, simple interface.  Some major competitors still don’t do this!
  • First to introduce a high-performance “switched” conferencing architecture
  • First to introduce a suite of web-meeting applications for Support, Training and Events based on the same core platform
  • First to support cross platforms (Windows, UNIX, Mac)

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WebEx: The First Preinstalled Web Conferencing App on a Mobile Device

It’s always exciting to get a new smartphone, especially now days when there is so much innovation built into these new form factors.  And, like most of you, the first thing I do is play around with the smartphone and browse through the apps that are on the phone.  These preloaded apps such as email, contacts, and notes, are must have apps that help the mobile users to be connected and productive, personally and professionally wherever they are.

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