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Online Meetings Made Easier

There are many times in our lives when joining a meeting runs up against a glitch. You might be stuck at the airport or unable to find a connection in that hotel basement conference room. Maybe you ran into traffic and are at a standstill on the freeway when you’d hoped to be at the client meeting. I’ve found a quick and easy remedy for these types of situations. Read More »

Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

Earlier this week Cisco announced a series of new security solutions designed specifically to secure web-based collaboration and a new application delivery cloud that combines the reach, scale, costs and control benefits of both on-demand and on-premises solutions. The new Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud supports a hybrid architecture that allows users to integrate network infrastructure with web-based applications. It extends the cloud into an enterprise network, as my Cisco colleague said, “Bringing the Cloud down to Earth.” Read More »

Collaboration Technology — Changing the Way People Live

I was just chatting with one of Cisco’s systems engineering managers, Roy McLean, and he told me a story that reminded me how important efficient communications can be, even something we take for granted, like voicemail. Roy works out of New York, and had been involved in a community outreach program in a small town called North Boston, New York. The town had had a very old fire station and they just recently raised money to build a new one. They contacted Roy at this time to get some ideas and a proposal on what to install from a communications perspective. The fire department ended up installing a Cisco Integrated Services Router, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express. The installation was completed and the renovated station opened just a few months ago. Then Roy told me this story. Read More »

Cisco Strengthens Business Collaboration by Extending SaaS Applications to the Enterprise Network

Today, Cisco further demonstrated its commitment to Software as a Service (SaaS) with the new release SaaS-based WebEx meeting applications on the enhanced Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud. Furthermore, Cisco is leading the market by blending the cloud-based network with the premises-based network with the WebEx Node for ASR 1000 for the enterprise.I invite you to watch this short video to learn more. Alex Hadden-Boyd, Director of Marketing, Cisco, Collaboration Software Group

There is No “IP Contact Center” Market

I recently received a report from an analyst with a decision matrix to assist customers in making a vendor selection within the “IP Contact Center” market. I’m scratching my head over why some continue to make the “IP” distinction. Perhaps I’m too sheltered since I haven’t positioned a TDM contact center in the past 10 years. I suppose there are still TDM contact center systems going out the door but are vendors really promoting them? I don’t think so. I should probably apologize for any part I have played in promoting the term IP Contact Center. I admit to naming a product IPCC back in 2000 and conducting hundreds of presentations using the term, but I moved on several years ago and I ask you to join me. Read More »