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Discover the True Power of Recorded Calls

by John Hernandez, vice president and general manager, Cisco Customer Contact Business Unit

It’s important to capture conversations with customers, and simply recording those calls requires complex recording devices and massive amounts of expensive storage.  Then there is everything that needs to happen post-recording—sorting out calls that need scrutiny, and analyzing them for areas of improvement.

In the past, most of the resources, emphasis, and thought of a company about capturing calls went into developing or purchasing the upfront recording device. But what about the tools for employees who need to find and analyze these calls? What does all this massive data really say?

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The Timely Demise of Computer Telephony Integration

by John Hernandez, vice president and general manager, Cisco Customer Contact Business Unit

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is dead. Time, cost and complexity killed it. We should remember the good times that CTI brought us—agent screen pops, integration with back-office systems, driving the agent desktop application and softphone.  But, while we celebrate the good things that CTI gave us, we need to think about how much better things can be.

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The Cisco Intercompany Media Engine — Placing the First Secure, Voice and Video Intercompany Calls

by Joe Burton, chief technology officer, Cisco Voice Technology Group


Last Wednesday, The Cisco Intercompany Media Engine enabled the first secure, voice and video calls between companies using phone numbers that were already available.


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The Cisco Intercompany Media Engine Enables Boundary-less Communications

by Darren Kay, Enterprise Architect of Dimension Data Australia

In November, Cisco announced the Cisco Intercompany Media Engine. The Intercompany Media Engine gives people business-to-business communications capabilities over any IP network. It’s a brand new product that enables boundary-less communications between organizations, including business partners, customers, and suppliers. The idea is to make communications between separate companies and organizations as effortless as it is within a single organization.

With the Intercompany Media Engine, your communications travel over an IP network or the Internet, but you use the phones you are already using, the numbers you are already dialing, and the contact lists you have already entered. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re working within or outside of your company. The ease, efficiency, and overall experience of communicating with each other will be exactly the same.

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Long Distance Learning Transformed by Cisco Video Technology

Working at Cisco, one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the variety of ways in which the company’s technologies are used. As a mom, I’m very interested in ways children learn and in particular how technology enables learning. The story below is about the incredibly creative ways Earvin “Magic” Johnson is using Cisco technology to help children learn.

In addition to being a Hall of Fame basketball star, Mr. Johnson is a businessman and advocate for both urban growth and economic revitalization through his work with The Magic Johnson Foundation.  The Foundation is working with Cisco, using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, to help extend distance learning, hold remote seminars and raise funds for Johnson’s 18 Community Empowerment Centers located in urban areas throughout the country.

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