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Tutorial: Tom Drews Delivers Tips for Selling Online with WebEx

Don't put your prospects to sleep!

Tom Drews is the CEO and founder of What Works! Communications. He helps sales people to design and deliver effective virtual sales presentations so that they can beat the competition and close more business. His clients include Google, Clif Bar, McKesson, Cisco, and Symantec.

Tom was former vice president of sales for two different fast-growing technology companies in San Francisco. Tom also spent some time in Hollywood as an actor where he learned valuable strategies for designing and delivering engaging presentations.

We will present Tom’s information in a series of blogs. Today, in part one, he talks about the role of virtual sales and the value of using tools like WebEx. He also offers his first tip for success. You can listen to the entire WebEx event here.

Presenting and selling in the virtual environment is the wave of the future. It’ll never replace the face-to-face meeting, which is something we’ve been doing for centuries, but it can be an incredibly effective means of communicating both our message and our value to our prospect. That said, it will mean next to nothing if we can’t effectively engage them.

What is the number one challenge when selling in a virtual environment?

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Collaboration in the Virtual Classroom

Collaboration technology has helped education come a long way in the past few years. According to ASTD, 37% of 2009 training involved electronic technology, up from 15% in 2002. As more educators use technology to increase collaboration and advance the classroom experience, overwhelming evidence shows that learning in an online environment can be as effective, or more so, as that in traditional classrooms.
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Cisco Survey Reveals Balance is Essential: Is work life balance really possible?

The Balance Question

For those of you who have checked out my presentation “Confessions of a Radical Collaborator”, you know that I love my job and I love my bike. Cycling for me is chance to get out of the office and move my body, feel the wind in my face, and really be a part of the outdoor experience. I feel strong riding up a hill and nothing but sheer exhilarating fun speeding down one! I’ve learned to trust my own momentum…physics really do work!

Riding a bike (like most things in life) is all about balance.

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? We all do.

It's all about balance.

My father and mother owned a busy diner and just didn’t have time to teach me after school. They asked their cook and family friend, Sunny, to explain basic bike skills to me when the kitchen was slow. Sunny was patient and kind and when he took the training wheels off my pink, banana-seated, two-wheeler…I felt pretty confident.

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Register Now: Using Social Media to Sell More, Faster

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – all social media tools that have created a cultural shift in how we communicate. But can they help you sell? The answer is yes.

If you are responsible for sales or marketing, this event is for you.

During this free WebEx, our panel of experts will help you make sense of how social media and how it can have a positive impact on almost every aspect of sales. Social media is influencing buying behavior and can help you move customers through the buying cycle faster.

Reserve your spot today. Register here.

Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne will facilitate a panel of thought leaders who will share their knowledge and experiences in using social media to create powerful sales strategies. Read More »

Confessions: Cisco’s Debra Chrapaty Talks about the Power of Collaboration

Blurring the lines between work and home is something Debra Chrapaty knows well. She’s the Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Collaboration Software Group and while she “works” in San Jose, she lives in Carmel Valley – a sweet 80 miles away.

How does one function as a Cisco executive while living that far from the office? She does it through radical collaboration – an intelligent blend of Cisco tools that allow her to be responsive and connected. Debra decided to put together a short video (broken into two parts) to describe how she is a “radical collaborator” and how you can be one too! Read More »