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Sharing is Caring Using Cisco Collaboration

By Terry Bayer, Chief Operating Officer at Molina Health Care.

Molina Healthcare is a managed care organization that arranges the delivery of healthcare services to people who are eligible for Medicaid. With 1.4 million members in 10 states and 2,700 employees throughout the United States, people are the main focus on our business. Collaborating both internally and externally is critical to our success.

In our business, we’re acutely focused on managing care for our members but also managing our administrative costs. That’s where the importance of collaboration comes into play. It’s very important that we leverage technology to help reduce the cost of direct care delivery and administrative services. As we have grown, we have worked with Cisco to build upon our current technology and maximize long term ROI.

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Why I’m Excited about Cisco WebEx Mail

I’m excited about Cisco’s announcement today of Cisco WebEx Mail on three levels – as a Cisco employee, as an industry observer, and as an end-user.  Let me address two of those in this blog post.

As an email user, I am an IT nightmare.  I receive large graphics files, video files and MP3s. My mailbox is full all the time.  So I have created close to 100 PSTs, on my hard drive.  Those emails are no longer on the server, no longer available to be backed up, no longer availability for e-discovery.  And I complain about it.  So the option of moving to Cisco WebEx Mail with up to 35G capacity while using that familiar Outlook interface as well as my Blackberry is exciting. Thankfully I’m scheduled to be one of the first group of Cisco employees on Cisco WebEx Mail.

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Kroma Rolls Out Red Carpet With Cisco Collaboration

By Chris Tillett, CEO, Kroma Makeup  

During the 2009 Oscar Awards, Kentucky Derby and Emmy Awards, celebrities who peeked into their gift bags found samples from Kroma Makeup, owned by renowned makeup artist Lee Tillett.  Headquartered in Maitland, Florida, we develop and manufacture all-natural, botanical makeup products, distributing them through apothecaries, dermatologist offices, plastic surgeons, and spas throughout the United States. Customers can also purchase Kroma products through our online store and from our retail store in Orlando, FL.

Our company is able to remain competitive with multi-billion dollar juggernauts due to the fact the we are light on our feet and that we pay more than the usual attention to customer service.  So that means that any technology that we deploy must be unobtrusive, simple to operate, and enhance our image.  Also, our President Lee Tillett demands that it JUST WORK!  No excuses, no problems.  Thank goodness we partnered with Cisco!  Not only has UC been simple to operate and rock solid, it has even enhanced our competitive edge.  We now can take two laptops anywhere; whether we are at a celebrity gifting lounge or a KROMA launch party and work just as if we were connected with our home office.  The Cisco IP Communicator has been invaluable!  By adding WEBEX to the mix, we have been able to even save money on celebrity gifting by offering virtual sessions whereby Lee consults with celebrities on anything from new looks, custom powdered foundations, or even eyebrow shaping.  As a matter of fact, we have just added virtual sessions to our services card so that clients can get assistance from anywhere. 

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The New Collaboration Experience

We’re living in a new world. It’s more complex, it’s more global, and it’s moving faster than ever before. For organizations everywhere, these realities are forcing a shift in the nature of work: how we work, who we work with, when we work, and where we work. This is the new normal, and it demands a new collaboration experience.
Beginning on November 10th, watch the replay of Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers as he shares Cisco’s vision for collaboration and its ability to drive innovation, productivity and competitive differentiation in today’s new normal.  

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New Ways to Join Cisco WebEx Meetings from an iPhone!

I’m really excited about our latest version of Cisco WebEx Meeting Center for the iPhone.  In version 1.3, available now in the AppStore, you can now hand off your web conference session from your iPhone to your desktop, join by a meeting number, and when you get dropped (still happens!) automatically have your audio reconnected. These new features are in addition to the current feature set:  joining a Cisco WebEx Meeting from your iPhone, attending a scheduled meeting, viewing presentations, applications, desktop, live annotations, and chatting with attendees. 

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