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BlackBerry’s turn for Cisco WebEx Meeting Center!

I’ve been blogging about iPads and iPhones and I’m sure many of you have wondered: “what about BlackBerry?” Well I have good news and a confession. The good news is that Cisco today announced a free downloadable client for Cisco WebEx Meeting Center on BlackBerry smartphones. The confession is that I’m a multiple device user – I do have an iPhone and an iPad, but I also have a BlackBerry.  And since my Blackberry is funded by Cisco, that’s the device I use for company business like email and Single Number Reach.  So I’m thrilled that the ability to easily attend a meeting on my BlackBerry is now available.

You can now attend WebEx meetings on your BlackBerry to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.  I should clarify that we support the newer models of BlackBerry on OS 4.6. If your BlackBerry isn’t one of them, time to upgrade!

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Who Wants a Little Extra Money in the Bank?

I’m always interested in finding out how companies are using our technologies to streamline the ways they do things and to save money. Creative Computing, Inc., (CCI) sells software and services, and president and CEO David Doucette will tell you that this business is no slam dunk. It is time-consuming and it can be expensive. Doucette is always looking for ways to remedy these issues.

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Social Media & Collaboration with Tod Famous @ Cisco

Last month, while at VoiceCon Orlando, one of the premier collaboration conferences, I saw the most amazing demo showing how companies can more effectively reach their customers that are on sites like Twitter and Facebook. While over in Cisco’s Building 30 and with my trusty Flip minoHD camcorder in hand, I filmed our customer collaboration guru Tod Famous as he walked me through how this new technology can help financial services’ companies’ employees better reach their clients.

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Happy Earth Week!

This Thursday will mark the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day, and Earth Day celebrations around the world are showing the expected pomp, ceremony and celebration one might expect. For an increasing portion of the population, people are finding ways to adjust their own habits, work and lives to have a lower overall impact on the environment. In those 40 years, we have come around and around again to the same cycle of issues: air, waste, water. This decade’s concerns focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and how to reduce them to minimize climate change. We’re finding out where waste goes, from landfill size and impact to the so-called plastic islands in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. We’re extremely concerned about the supply and cleanliness of our water supply and how we can ensure that it will be available and clean for future generations – of fish as well as humans. And yet, as we revisit these issues, we’ve come to the realization that the issues we face are increasingly severe, and that they cannot be solved without the participation and active involvement of individuals, corporations, not-for-profits, and government.

For those of you who have read my posts here in the past,  you know I am an advocate of simple steps. I have seen the power of a simple step multiplied over and over to make significant changes – I am pretty sure you have, too, if you think about it. Last year, I made a commitment (part of Cisco’s award-winning program for our employees called “Think green, Act green”) to spend less time in my car, commuting. I’ve succeeded. Through a combination of creating an ability to work at home and finding available desk space in an office walking distance from my home, I’ve drastically reduced the amount of time I spend in my car, and as a result my personal GHG emissions.

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Innovating to Impact the Way Users do Business

by Debra Chrapaty, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Collaboration Software Group

Ok, I admit it.  I always lead with technology.  So, I tend to get excited about technical innovations – but especially those that impact the way users do business. 

The new Cisco WebEx Node for MCS is exactly that kind of technology. Yes, the name may be a bit techy – which may be why I like it!   And unfortunately, some business users won’t ever know what it means (for the record, it’s Media Convergence Servers). Regardless, the business benefit of this new technology will be felt by many organizations out there.  In fact, I’ve talked with a lot of CIOs who are wrestling with balancing the many options that support their business strategies.  Whether it is driving for security and predictability of on-premise solutions, or embracing the agility and opex cost reduction of cloud options – the bottom line is that businesses really just want choice.

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