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Where were you one billion minutes ago?

One billion minutes ago, the Roman Empire was flourishing in what is now Europe and the Han Dynasty was reigning in the current region of China. 

And last month, one billion minutes was collectively spent around the world to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners using the Cisco WebEx conferencing solutions. 

When WebEx started delivery of conferencing in 1999, many market-leading and industry-shaping firsts occurred, including:

  • First to deliver scaleable conferencing-as-a-service over the Internet
  • First to combine data sharing, audio and video into a single, simple interface.  Some major competitors still don’t do this!
  • First to introduce a high-performance “switched” conferencing architecture
  • First to introduce a suite of web-meeting applications for Support, Training and Events based on the same core platform
  • First to support cross platforms (Windows, UNIX, Mac)

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WebEx: The First Preinstalled Web Conferencing App on a Mobile Device

It’s always exciting to get a new smartphone, especially now days when there is so much innovation built into these new form factors.  And, like most of you, the first thing I do is play around with the smartphone and browse through the apps that are on the phone.  These preloaded apps such as email, contacts, and notes, are must have apps that help the mobile users to be connected and productive, personally and professionally wherever they are.

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Improving Productivity for Customers With New Version of Cisco WebEx Connect

On Friday, as part of our news announcements for Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, we announced that Cisco WebEx Connect IM is now available on any supported browser.

In this video, Zoltan Deak, product manager for Cisco WebEx Connect details the new features available for IT administrators and end users in version 6.5.

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Is Collaboration Worth It?

By Carl Wiese, Vice President of Global Collaboration Sales at Cisco

Is Collaboration worth it? Research says, yes. The key moving forward will be for companies to measure their return from Collaboration across three distinct areas:

1)  Operational ROI (reducing/avoiding costs): Over a three-year period, Salire Partners conducted hundreds of ROI analyses for companies of different sizes and industries around the globe. Recent analysis of their in-depth work finds that nearly 80% of companies see positive operational savings with Collaboration—in areas like moves/adds/changes, local and long distance phone service, and audio conferencing. And the results apply to companies large and small: Those with between 1,000 and 25,000 employees posted ROI of more than 170%.

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Winner of Best Mobile Experience, CODiE Awards

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center for the iPhone has won the CODiE Award for “Best Mobile Experience” category.  I’m particularly proud of this award, because the sponsor of the award, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), really took the time to evaluate our application by trying it out first hand.   As cool as I think our WebEx mobile apps are, these collaboration apps need to add value to mobile users.  And we all know that applications on mobile devices need to be simple and easy to use, and appropriate to the real estate of the device. 


The CODiE award for the Best Mobile Experience tells me the independent judges agree this application has been developed with mobile users in mind.



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