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Innovation in Collaboration

As CTO for Unified Communications at Cisco, I’m involved in all three ways in which Cisco creates product innovations: current product evolution, partnerships & acquisitions, and internal innovation.  My team and I help to ensure that Cisco strikes the appropriate balance between the three as we build products to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

When Cisco innovates, we ensure the usefulness of our innovations with five criteria. We ask whether our innovations enable our customer to:
•    Reduce costs
•    Improve employee productivity
•    Increase customer intimacy
•    Differentiate versus their competitors
•    Innovate within their business

By Joe Burton, CTO and Vice President, Voice Technology Group

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Focusing on Global Virtual Collaboration by Connecting Executives Worldwide

Large-scale, all-virtual meetings are rapidly becoming the norm at Cisco. What’s the underlying concept at work in transforming the way we conduct these events?  Network-enabled collaboration.  By beginning to adopt our own video and collaboration solutions with Web 2.0 technologies, we’re lowering costs, avoiding the need to travel, and improving the overall meeting experience for attendees.

The Cisco IT Global Virtual Collaboration case study describes how Cisco IT supported the company’s annual Strategic Leadership Offsite meeting of more than 3100 Cisco executives with a powerful global virtual event. Enabling Cisco products included Cisco TelePresence, Cisco TV, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, and Cisco WebEx Event Center.

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The Next Wave of Collaboration in Australia and New Zealand?

G’day.  In the next of our series of video blogs from Cisco Networkers in Southern Australia, we hear from Peter Hughes, director of Collaboration and Unified Communications for Cisco ANZ.  Peter outlines how we are really looking to scale human interaction with video, and recommends some key collaboration sessions that attendees might want to consider: Terry Durnin on the Next Wave of Collaboration and Greg Sporton on Virtualisation and UC.

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At a tipping point for SaaS adoption in enterprise

Cisco recently conducted a focus group with executive level IT decision makers in several major metropolitan cities to better understand enterprise perception of Software as a Service (SaaS).  Having been in the SaaS business over 12+ years with the Cisco WebEx portfolio, some of the findings validated what we’ve known all along.   For example, when asked why they have chosen or are considering SaaS, they mentioned that SaaS offered more favorable licensing models, quicker ROI and faster implementation versus on-premise solutions.  Some of the major perceived hurdles against SaaS remained the same, including significant concerns over interconnectivity with existing infrastructure and loss of control.  These perceived threats, they felt, may slow the adoption of SaaS and limit the applications an enterprise is willing to have moved over to SaaS.

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Education Meets Creativity – Turning educational ideas into reality

Our Pass the Ball site features an ongoing series of webinars about how to share and grow your own ideas to make them better. This Thursday, Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple Computer Inc., will share how he has taken his ideas about education and technology and turned them into reality to benefit children and adults today. 

Steve has passionately supported the educational needs of children for over 35 years. He will illustrate how his lifelong passion for mathematics and electronics has been directed toward lighting the fires of excitement for education in grade school students and their teachers.

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