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Companies Need to Provide Customer Care In Ways That Customers Wish To Be Served

In meeting with customers and partners I get asked, John, is the traditional contact center going away?

In the below video, I answer the question, explain what Cisco means by customer collaboration and how we as a company view the wave of the future for customer interactions.

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Collaboration: The Long Journey

On the surface, improving “business collaboration” sounds like a fairly straight-forward strategy: “provide the means for people to coordinate and share information while working together to attain business results that exceed current practices”. To support this goal, organizations have deployed a long list of tools over the years. The results? Mixed. Organizations can cite many examples where collaboration projects have made people and processes more productive. Yet, if you ask leadership teams, I imagine few would feel confident that their organization’s collaborative capabilities augment strategic growth and innovation initiatives in ways that makes them more competitive in the market.

After 15+ years of deploying more and more tools, we need to ask ourselves – why haven’t organizations realized the level of breakthrough collaboration necessary for them to excel – or in some cases, survive? It’s not that the industry has not had any “wins” with collaboration strategies but success always seems to be stubbornly limited to certain groups or business units. Improving collaboration, it seems, has become an “intractable opportunity”. As it turns out, collaboration is a more complex and enduring journey than we originally thought. However, breakthrough levels of collaboration are often crucial to bring about business transformation. The potential benefits, despite its mixed track record, have kept “collaboration” a strategic topic for leadership teams despite our struggles to get it right.

Having been an IT industry analyst (i.e., Gartner, Burton Group, and Meta Group) since 1996, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations on how to best approach collaboration. Listed below are a series of thoughts for your consideration:


A Closer Look at Cisco Collaboration

Over the next several weeks, Cisco will present a series of blogs on collaboration trends that we are seeing in the enterprise.

In this video, Ross Camp, director of Public Relations for Cisco Collaboration, introduces these blogs and provides a sneak peek before Cisco’s Collaboration Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

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NHL 2009 – 2010: Best season ever!

That statement isn’t intended only for the Blackhawks and their fans who celebrated their first Stanley Cup win since John F. Kennedy was president. Indeed, the NHL recognizes the 2009 – 2010 season as the best ever on the business side.

The NHL boasts highly engaged fans, who are younger, more affluent and more tech-savvy than fans of the other major sports leagues. Effective use of digital media and new technologies accelerated league growth across the 2009-2010 season by delivering content in real time across multiple platforms.

After a hot Stanley Cup playoff series, BizWiseTV wanted to know what was contributing to the success of the NHL and growth of its fan base. We had the pleasure of sitting down with NHL, COO, John Collins at the 2010 Entry draft. John shared his perspective on how technology helps the NHL grow its global brand.

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NHL Fans: The Smartest Fans on the Planet

Despite some bizarre hockey fan habits, hats on ice, rats on ice, and octopi on ice, the NHL considers their fan base the smartest and most tech savvy in the world. BizWiseTV ventured out into the fan fest during the 2010 NHL Entry Draft to find out! Watch what hockey fans had to say about following their favorite sport.

Bizarre Hockey Fan Traditions:

Rats on Ice: Florida Panther’s fans started throwing plastic rats on the ice in 1996. During that year, Panthers’ winger, Scott Mellanby, jabbed and killed a rat running through the dressing room with his stick. He scored two goals that game and the tradition began.

Hats on Ice: Hockey fans everywhere celebrate a player scoring three goals in a game, which is called a hat trick, by throwing their hats onto the ice. A “natural hat trick” is when a player scores three goals in a row – with no goals by the other team in between. By tradition, the hats are donated to charity.

Octopus On Ice: For nearly 50 years, hockey fans in Detroit have been throwing octopi on to the ice after a big win by the Red Wings. In 1996, the largest octopus thrown in Joe Louis Arena was 50 lbs. and rode the hood of the Zamboni in between periods.

Watch NHL, COO, John Collins share how technology enhances the fan experience.

What’s your favorite experience as a hockey fan?

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