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Independent Study Finds WebEx “Most Advanced Solution for Web Conferencing”

Miercom, a privately held network consultancy, specializing in networking and communications-related product testing and analysis, conducted a report on the most popular web conferencing applications. Based on testing across a variety of variables, Miercom concluded WebEx “was overall the most advanced and best solution for handling web conferencing.”

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Research Proves Sales Cycle is Changing

On Feb. 3rd,  Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne facilitated a WebEx featuring a panel of thought leaders who shared their knowledge and experiences in using social media to create powerful sales strategies. In part one (below), Brian shares some amazing research about the changes social media has made to the sales cycle. In part two, we hear from the panel. You can listen to the entire WebEx here.

Today we have some research and insights on how the whole area of buying and selling are changing. We’re going to talk about digital body language, the new form where you can observe, interpret, and respond to the buying signals that your customers and prospects are selling.

We will talk about how to use social media to sell, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. How can you actually use social media not just to engage, but to actually get down and sell? Our terrific panel will be sharing some of their own experiences and some case histories of people using social media effectively to sell in the marketplace.

In the fall of 2010, OgilvyOne wanted to know how selling was changing as the world went digital. Read More »

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10 Best Practices to Selling (Smarter and Faster) Using WebEx

Tom Drews is the CEO and founder of What Works! Communications. He helps sales people to design and deliver effective virtual sales presentations so that they can beat the competition and close more business. We are presenting Tom’s information in a series of blogs. Today, in part two, he talks about the five most common mistakes people make when selling (or persuading) online. Part one previews is Tips for Selling Online and part two features the Five Most Common Mistakes Made Selling Online. You can listen to the entire WebEx event here.

In today’s final look at Tom Drew’s advice, we have summarized his 10 Best Practices. While still in his voice, this is a high-level summary of his talk. If you watch the recording, you can see his visual examples that support these ideas.

When you are hosting an online meeting, the chances of you losing the attention of your audience are very high. Getting your attendees attention and keeping them engaged is the key to success when selling online. Read More »

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Open-standards TIP Gains Momentum Across the TelePresence Industry

We are excited by yesterday’s news that Polycom is adopting the TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP), the only open, multi-screen Telepresence interoperability protocol that is currently available. In the video below, David Hsieh, Vice President of Marketing for Cisco TelePresence and the Emerging Technologies Group, discusses why this announcement is exciting for advancing interoperability throughout the industry and how it can benefit  customers.

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Cisco’s Cloud & Collaboration Strategy

We’ve all been hearing a great deal about cloud and cloud computing lately. You’ve likely heard Cisco talking about its cloud computing strategy quite a bit. Cisco is in many businesses that touch cloud.  One of the largest is collaboration. I sat down with Cisco’s Group Director for Hosted Collaboration Eric Schoch to get some answers.

Eric articulates the cloud computing and collaboration vision, strategy, portfolio and differentiation he’s been taking on the road as he meets with customers and partners. The short video below elaborates on Cisco’s collaboration business, our approach to the cloud and how Cisco is positioned in this very competitive marketplace with service providers such as Orange Business Services, Swisscom and Verizon Business Services

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