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Empower, Engage, InnovateLos Angeles is an extraordinary city with extraordinary people. And this week, it was even more extraordinary to be in my hometown of LA where we hosted this year’s Cisco Collaboration Summit.  LA is where we built the world’s biggest airplane, the world’s biggest freeway system, and epic movies with the world’s biggest stars. And of course, the Happiest Place on Earth.

This is a town of big dreamers with big ideas, making it a perfect place to bring together customers, partners, analysts, and consultants to talk about big ideas in collaboration.

And now is the time for big ideas. We all know companies can only do so much with cost cutting. It’s important, but in our global economy, the only true way to differentiate and compete is through innovation

How do you get to that innovation? You help people collaborate. You empower people with the tools they need to engage. Your people are the source of innovation. That’s’ why our focus this year is all about Empower, Engage, Innovate.

We spent two days in LA exploring this theme, looking at ways to:

There were so many examples of extraordinary ideas and innovation in how we collaborate, and how we can collaborate going forward. Some examples from this week:

There were more great presentations, but the best part comes from the collaboration. The extraordinary conversations sparked by those presentations. It’s those conversations and the connections that started here that will continue long past our LA experience – over WebEx, Jabber, Telepresence.

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